Frederic Adrian Delano

  • American

Frederic Adrian Delano was a notable American railroad president, Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve and the uncle of United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. - AsNotedIn

Notable Position Organization From To
Apprentice machinist, Civil engineer, General Manager from 1901 through 1904 Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad 1885 1904
President Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad 1905
President Wabash Railroad 1905
President Monon Railroad 1911 1914



Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1863/09/10 Catherine Robbins Lyman, wife of Warren Delano II, gives birth to a son, Frederic Adrian Delano in Hong Kong, China. Born
1885/06/24 Frederic Adrian Delano graduates from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Education Harvard Yard Cambridge, MA
1885/07/00 After graduating from Harvard University in 1885, Frederic Delano becomes an apprentice machinist with the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. Work
1888/11/22 Matilda Annis Peasley, daughter of James Carr Peasley, treasurer of the CB and Q RR, and Louisa Southard Greene, marries Frederic Adrian Delano in Chicago, Illinois. Groom
1901/00/00 Frederic A Delano is becomes General Manager of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. He will work in this position through 1904. Work
1901/00/00 The Delano family make their home on Wellington Avenue. Home Frederic Delano Mansion Chicago
1905/00/00 Frederic A Delano becomes president of the Wabash Railroad. Work
1911/01/00 Frederic A Delano is named president of the Monon Railroad. Work
1914/00/00 Frederic Adrian Delano moves from Chicago to Washington, DC. Life Frederic Delano Mansion Chicago
1914/08/10 Frederic Delano resigns the presidency of the Monon Railroad and accepts appointment to a six-year term on the US Federal Reserve Board. Work
1918/00/00 Frederic Delano resigns as Vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board and joins the US army as a Major in the Engineering Corps. Serving as director of transportation in Paris, France, he will become a Colonel. Military
1921/00/00 United States Government awards Col Frederic Delano the Distinguished Service Medal for his wartime service. Military
1925/00/00 Frederic Adrian Delano makes his home on S Street in Washington, DC. Home Frederic A Delano House Washington, DC
1931/02/10 Frederic A Delano petitions Senator Hiram Bingham in Washington, DC, to be granted a hearing before the Senate Committee on appropriations for the District of Columbia for aid to mothers. Vocation United States Capitol Washington, DC
1933/00/00 Franklin D Roosevelt names his uncle, Frederic A Delano, Chairman of the National Resources Planning Commission, a position that Delano will hold for ten years. Work
1934/00/00 Frederic A Delano, a member of the Interior Building Building Committee introduces Waddy B Wood to Auther E Demaray, Director of the National Park Service and chairman of the Interior Building Building Committee. Work US Department of the Interior Building Washington, DC
1953/03/28 Frederic Adrian Delano dies in Washington, DC. Died Frederic A Delano House Washington, DC
1953/03/30 The funeral for Frederic Adrian Delano is held at St John's in Washington, DC. Mr Delano is buried at Fairhaven Cemetery in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. In Memoriam St John's Church Washington, DC
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