Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1765/00/00 Alice Lee Shippen, wife of Dr William Shippen, gives birth to a son, Thomas Lee Shippen, in Philadelphia, Province of Pennsylvania. Born
1776/00/00 Tommy Shippen attends Needwood Forest Academy in Fredrick Town, Maryland. School Needwood Forest Burkittsville, MD
1785/00/00 Thomas Shippen reads law with George Wythe from 1784-1786. Education Wythe House Williamsburg
1787/00/00 Tommy Shippen studies law at the Inner Temple, London. Although he prefers to go out into society, to travel, and to chase women, but Shippen completes two years of legal study before returning to Pennsylvania. Education Inner Temple, London London
1790/00/00 While visiting family in Virginia, Thomas Shippen meets seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Farley, widow of John Bannister of Virginia, at Nesting Green Branch plantation. Groom
1791/03/11 Elizabeth Carter Farley, daughter of James Parke Farley and Elizabeth Hill Byrd, marries Thomas Lee Shippen at Nesting Green Branch estate, Middlesex, Virginia. Groom
1795/08/00 Farley Estate is completed in Bridgewater, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, for Elizabeth and Thomas Shippen. The residence burned down in 1861. Home
1796/00/00 Thomas Shippen's cough worsens. He fights to breathe, suffers through frequent medical bleeding and becomes dependent on laudanum (an alcoholic tincture of opium), creating disastrous effects upon his gastro-intestinal system. Health
1798/02/04 Having travelled to Charleston for his health, Thomas Lee Shippen dies there at about age 33. Mr Shippen was buried in Charleston, South Carolina. Died
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