Wind Cave National Park

  • Type: Natural Environ

Hidden beneath the rolling prairie of the southern Black Hills is one of the worlds longest caves

Swaying prairie grasses, forested hillsides, and an array of wildlife such as bison, elk, and prairie dogs welcome visitors to one of our country's oldest national parks and one of its few remaining intact prairies. Secreted beneath is one of the world's longest caves, Wind Cave. Named for barometric winds at its entrance, this complex labyrinth of passages contains a unique formation - boxwork. - NPS



Name of Notable Genus AsNotedIn No Address Proximity Area
Name Genus AsNotedIn Address Proximity Area
Beaver Creek Bridge
  • Sight
  • NRHP
SD 87 0.5 mi N of 385
Beaver Creek Rockshelter
  • Sight
  • NRHP
Address Restricted
Pig Tail Bridge
  • Sight
  • NRHP
SD 87 SD 87 loop over SD 87, N of Norbeck Lake
Wind Cave National Park Administrative and Utility Area Historic District
  • Sight
  • NRHP
E of Custer off US 385

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Particulars for Wind Cave National Park:
Mineral structure Boxwork
Physiographic Feature Natural Cave
Locale Type Natural Environ

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