Hamilton-Trenton-Bordentown Marsh

  • Type: Wetland

The Hamilton-Trenton-Bordentown Marsh is the northernmost tidal freshwater wetland on the Delaware River. It is an oasis of natural wildness in the densely populated Trenton area, located only 2.5 miles from the New Jersey State Capitol. State and county parkland protect much of its 1250 acres of wetlands and 1700 acres of adjacent uplands. Wishing to ensure even greater protection for this corner of the Garden State, a partnership of the National Park Service, landowners and citizens developed a Cooperative Stewardship Plan for the marsh, with action plans and a draft cooperating stewardship agreement. - NPS



Name of Notable Genus AsNotedIn No Address Proximity Area
Name Genus AsNotedIn Address Proximity Area
Crosswicks Creek Site III
  • Sight
  • NRHP
Prince St Address Restricted, marker on Prince St

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Physiographic feature Wetland

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