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Flood Building


Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1875/00/00 Elias Jackson Baldwin Owner Designed in the Second Empire style by Sumner Bugbee, Baldwin Theatre is completed in 1875, and the Baldwin Hotel is completed circa 1876 for Lucky Baldwin.
1898/00/00 Elias Jackson Baldwin Owner The Baldwin Theatre and Baldwin Hotel are destroyed by fire, killing two people. The adjacent Columbia Theater building on Powell Street suffered considerable damage.
1902/00/00 Albert Pissis Architect Designed by Albert Pissis, James L Flood starts construction in tribute to his father an office building at Market Street on the corner of Powell Street.
1904/00/00 James L Flood Owner, Developer The 292,360 square foot Flood Building, the largest building in San Francisco, is completed at a cost $1,500,000.
1907/00/00 Southern Pacific Transportation Company Headquarters The steel framed, brick curtain walled Flood Building survives both the 1906 earthquake and great fire. The building is restored and opens in 1907. The Southern Pacific Railroad maintain its headquarters in the Flood Building from 1907 until 1917. Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
1920/00/00 Pinkerton National Detective Agency Office Pinkerton Detective Agency maintains an office in Room 314 in the James Flood Building.
1922/05/00 Dashiell Hammett Work At 870 Market St, Detective Hammett quits Pinkerton before his 28th birthday. Hammett used the building for the location of the Continental Detective Agency, and the mysterious Continental Op.
1945/00/00 F W Woolworth Company Lease Holder Woolworth's Department Store takes over the first and second floors and basement. It was the largest in the United States until 1992, when it was downsized. They remained a tenant until 1996.
1951/00/00 Woolworth's offers to demolish the Flood building. The Federal Government appropriated space to house war-time agencies such as the Price Stabilization and Civil Defense offices and enforced a construction ban due to the Korean War.
1952/00/00 The ground floor and retail areas are modernized.
1990/00/00 The Flood building is renovated in the early 90's: restoring the original look of the ground floor, replacing several of the triumphal arched entryways, refurbishing the facade and detail ornaments and recreating the parapet in polymer concrete.

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Area of Significance Architecture
Sight Category Building
Area of Significance Commerce
Area of Significance Literature
Owner Private
Historic Use Retail shop

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