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Bond Street

  • Type: Nabe
  • Travel Genus: Sight
  • Sight Category: Historic District
  • Activity Category: Shopping

Bond Street, City of Westminster, is a 18th century roadway in London's West End. The street consist of two segments, the southern Old Bond Street and the longer northern New Bond Street. Together they connect Oxford Street in the north to Piccadilly in the south. The area has been a popular shopping area since the 18th century. - AsNotedIn

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Bond Street
103, New Bond Street W1
11, New Bond Street W1
118, New Bond Street W1
119, New Bond Street W1
121, New Bond Street W1
122, New Bond Street W1
131-134, New Bond Street W1
135-137, New Bond Street W1
140, New Bond Street W1
143, New Bond Street W1
161 And 162, New Bond Street W1
170-174, New Bond Street W1
175 And 176, New Bond Street W1
179, New Bond Street W1
180, New Bond Street W1
1A, Old Bond Street W1
22, Old Bond Street W1
23 And 23A, Old Bond Street W1
24, Old Bond Street W1
26, New Bond Street W1
31, Old Bond Street W1
36, New Bond Street W1
39-42, New Bond Street
44, Old Bond Street W1
47 And 48, New Bond Street W1
48-50, Old Bond Street W1
74, New Bond Street W1
Admiral William Bligh Residence
The Fine Art Society

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Sight Category Historic District
Locale Type Nabe

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A Sordid Affair (short story) Short Story Arthur Conan Doyle The speakers were two well-dressed ladies, standing in front of one of the largest plate-glass windows in Bond Street, and gazing up at the dense group of slim, headless figures in prim, straight-cut, tailor-made costumes, ....
The Dead Harlequin (short story) Short Story Agatha Christie Mr Satterthwaite walked slowly up Bond Street enjoying the sunshine. He was, as usual,...
The Sphinx Without a Secret (short story) Short Story Oscar Wilde I was walking down Bond Street about five o'clock. There was a terrific crush of carriages, and the traffic was almost stopped.

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Activity Category Shopping

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