• Soubriquet: The Red Planet

  • Vicinity: Second rock from the Sun
  • Type: Planet

About the same size as Earth, Venus is a planet covered with extensive plains featuring high volcanic mountains and vast ridged plateaus. While the surface rotates slowly, the winds blow at hurricane force, sending clouds completely around the planet every five days. Venus' extreme temperatures and acidic clouds make it an unlikely place for life as we know it.

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Particulars for Venus:
Locale Type Planet

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All Summer in a Day Short Story Ray Bradbury "All Summer in a Day" takes place on the planet Venus.
Big Eyed Beans from Venus (song) Song Captain Beefheart
Death-by-Rain (short story) Short Story
Ray Bradbury
The Fight of the Good Ship Clarissa (short story) Short Story
Ray Bradbury And then they landed on Venus. How in heck they got back there so quick is a wonder of science, but there they were.

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