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Crystal Palace Bar
Ggantija Temples
Hal Saflieni Hypogeum
Megalithic Temples of Malta
Valletta Town

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Southern Europe, islands in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily (Italy) - The World Factbook

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Particulars for Malta:
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Corruption Perceptions Index - 2014, Transparency International: 43

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Great Britain formally acquired possession of Malta in 1814. The island staunchly supported the UK through both world wars and remained in the Commonwealth when it became independent in 1964. A decade later Malta became a republic. Since about the mid-1980s, the island has transformed itself into a freight transshipment point, a financial center, and a tourist destination. Malta became an EU member in May 2004 and began using the euro as currency in 2008. - The World Factbook

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A Testament of Youth Memoir Vera Brittain

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