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Rock Creek Park Historic District

  • Also Known As: Reservation 339 also 69000014 also 73000223 also 80000348 also 90001295 also 73000222

  • Vicinity: Roughly, Rock Creek Park From Klingle Rd to Montgomery County line
  • Travel Genus: Sight
  • Sight Category: Historic District

Fort DeRussy Washington DC


Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
John Charles Olmsted Architect
Frederick Law Olmsted Jr Architect
1825/00/00 Joshua Pierce Home Horticulturalist, Joshua Pierce cultivates a wide variety of plants on his estate.
1883/00/00 Joaquin Miller Architect Joaquin Miller builds a log cabin, home from 1883 to 1885
1889/00/00 Lucy Sprigg Madison Dos Passos Life Lucy Madison nurses John R Dos Passos's siege of brain fever at her home near the lower end of Rock Creek Park, 2022 F Street (lost) in Washington, DC. Dos Passos suffered a head wound while horseback riding in Rock Creek Park.
1915/03/00 Edith Wilson Life Edith Galt muddies her shoes on a walk through Rock Creek Park with Helen Woodrow Bones. Afterwards, Helen takes Edith to tea at the White House. Helen Bones is President Wilson's first cousin. Marriage of Edith Bolling Galt and Woodrow Wilson
1915/05/05 Cary Travers Grayson Life As Dr Grayson rides by on a horse, Edith burst into tears. When Dr Grayson ask whats wrong, Edith responds that she simply tripped. Marriage of Edith Bolling Galt and Woodrow Wilson
1915/05/05 Edith Wilson Life Resting on a rock in Rock Creek, Bones tells Edith that Cousin Wilson looks really ill. Bones burst into tears, "Just as I thought some happiness was coming into his life! And now you are breaking his heart." Marriage of Edith Bolling Galt and Woodrow Wilson
1915/05/05 Edith Wilson Life Beginning to feel like an "ogre," Galt responses, I can not "consent to something I did not feel." I'm "playing with fire where he was concerned, for his whole nature was intense and did not willingly wait, but that I must have time to know my own heart". Marriage of Edith Bolling Galt and Woodrow Wilson
1936/11/07 Jean Jules Jusserand In Memoriam In Rock Creek Park, US President Franklin D Roosevelt dedicates a pink granite bench in the honor of the French Ambassador to the United States, Jean Jules Jusserand. It is the first memorial erected on Federal property to a foreign diplomat.


Boulder Bridge and Ross Drive Bridge
  • NRHP
Pierce Mill
  • NRHP
Pierce Springhouse and Barn
  • NRHP
Pierce Still House
  • NRHP
Pierce-Klingle Mansion
  • NRHP

Data »

Particulars for Rock Creek Park Historic District:
Area of Significance Architecture
Criteria Architecture-Engineering
Area of Significance Community Planning and Development
Area of Significance Conservation
Historic Use Conservation Area
Architectural Style Early republic
Area of Significance Engineering
Area of Significance Entertainment - Recreation
Owner Federal
Structure Type Fortification
Sight Category Historic District
Criteria Historic Event
Area of Significance Industry
Area of Significance Landscape Architecture
Architectural Style Late 19th and 20th century revivals
Historic Use Manufacturing facility
Area of Significance Military
Attribute Moved property
Historic Use Outdoor recreation
Architectural Style Park Service Rustic
Criteria Person
Historic Use Single dwelling
Owner State

US National Registry of Historic Places Data »

Accurate at time of registration:

Registry Name:
Registry Address:
Registry Number: 91001524
Resource Type:
Owner: State, Federal
Architect: Olmsted,Frederick Law,Jr.; Olmsted,John C.
Architectural Style: Late 19th and 20th century revivals, Other, Early republic
Attribute: NPS Rustic
Other Certification: Date received-pending nomination
Level of Significance: State
Area of Significance: Other, Community Planning and Development, Industry, Entertainment-recreation, Military, Conservation, Landscape architecture, Architecture, Engineering
Applicable Criteria: Architecture-Engineering, Event, Person
Criteria Consideration: Moved property
Period of Significance: 1800-1824, 1825-1849, 1850-1874, 1900-1924, 1925-1949, 1875-1899
Significant Year: 1820, 1890, 1918
Associated People: Pierce,Joshua
Historic Function: Recreation and Culture, Defense, Domestic, Industry, processing, extraction, Landscape
Historic Sub-Function: Single dwelling, Fortification, Outdoor recreation, Manufacturing facility, Conservation area
Current Function: Landscape, Recreation and Culture
Current Sub-Function: Conservation area Outdoor recreation

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