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  • Vicinity: Ngermecheluch, 40 feet from sandy beach, on main road
  • Travel Genus: Sight
  • Sight Category: Structure

Odalmelech monolith consist of 5 carved basaltic stones on a traditional Palauan stone platform. They represent Odalmelech: Face of god Melech (8.6 feet tall), Iwaiuch: Sargent at Arms (8.9 feet tall), Orrangschais: One Who Hears and Informs (4 feet tall), Btanch: Upstanding (3.4 feet tall) and Obadebusch: Trumpeter - Public Informant (3.3 feet tall). Mengachui: Maneater (4 feet tall) has been removed. - AsNotedIn

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Data »

Particulars for Odalmelech:
Landscape Architecture Garden
Criteria Historic Event
Level of Significance Local
Owner Private
Area of Significance Social History
Sight Category Structure

US National Registry of Historic Places Data »

Accurate at time of registration:

Registry Name:
Registry Address:
Registry Number: 76002198
Resource Type:
Owner: Private
Level of Significance: Local
Area of Significance: Social history
Applicable Criteria: Event
Period of Significance: 1749-1500 AD
Historic Function: Landscape
Historic Sub-Function: Garden
Current Function: Unknown
Current Sub-Function:

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