Rural Route 66, Brannigan Park

  • Also Known As: Old Route 66 also Forest Road 146 also AR-03-07-02-1001

  • Address: Forest Rd 146
  • Vicinity: E of Parks to Brannigan Park
  • Travel Genus: Sight
  • Sight Category: Structure

The most recent iteration of Route 66 through the area, this 6.5 mile segment passes through the scenic high country of the Coconino Plateau, beginning at the open watered meadows of Pitman Valley, ascending Oak Hill to Garland Prairie Vista, and ending at the small community of Parks. During the Mother Road's heyday, this segment offered travelers many scenic attractions and amenities. Midway between Flagstaff and Williams, the community of Parks had a small store, gas station, restaurant, school, post office, spring water, and campground. Just north and west of Parks, the Fireside Inn offered tourist cabins, gas, and a barbeque lunch counter. Continuing west, campers could stay at Spitz Springs Forest Camp or the scenic Garland Prairie Vista with its spectacular view of the San Francisco Peaks. In Pitman Valley, the McHat Inn provided guest cabins and a filling station. The Elmo Dance Hall was across the road. The one tourist amenity remaining in operation is the Pines General Store and Post Office in Parks, which opened in 1933. This road segment was built in 1931 and replaced a circa 1920 alignment located to the south. Arizona Highways Magazine proclaimed in 1931 that construction of this section would "... eliminate 18 miles of narrow, crooked, poorly surfaced road which is particularly dangerous in dry weather due to raveling and innumerable potholes." The new road featured a straight alignment, improved road surface, and standard concrete box culverts. Upgraded again in 1939 with new pavement, this section still has several miles of Portland cement still in place. A slight realignment in 1941 abandoned about a mile of the road. Coconino County assumed responsibility for this overall segment with the completion of Interstate 40 in 1964. - NPS


Data »

Particulars for Rural Route 66, Brannigan Park:
Owner Federal
Criteria Historic Event
Level of Significance National
Historic Use Road-related
Route Route 66
Sight Category Structure
Area of Significance Transportation

US National Registry of Historic Places Data »

Accurate at time of registration: 19th May 1989

Registry Name: Rural Route 66, Brannigan Park
Registry Address: Forest Rd. 146 E of Parks to Brannigan Park
Registry Number: 89000375
Resource Type: Structure
Theme Group: Historic US Route 66 in Arizona MPS
Owner: Federal
Architect: unknown
Architectural Style: No style listed
Area in Acres: 80
Contributing Structures: 1
Other Certification: Date received-pending nomination
Certification: Listed in the National Register
Level of Significance: National
Area of Significance: Transportation
Applicable Criteria: Event
Criteria Consideration: Significance of less than fifty years
Historic Function: Transportation
Historic Sub-Function: Road-related
Current Function: Transportation
Current Sub-Function: Road-related

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