Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1791/05/05 George Washington Guest Washington visits the Works of Fort Johnson on James's Island, and Fort Moultree on Sullivans Island, both of which are in ruins, and scarcely a trace of the latter left-the former quite fallen. George Washington's Southern Tour
1863/08/29 Moored at Fort Johnson, the HUNLEY becomes entangled in mooring lines, rolls, fills with through open hatches and sinks. Captain John Payne and William Robinson escape. Five of the crew drown. H L HUNLEY (submarine)
1863/08/29 At Fort Johnson, the sinking H L HUNLEY drags Lt Charles Hasker to the bottom before he can swim to safety. Lt Hasker will report that the wake from a passing steamer caused the sinking. H L HUNLEY (submarine)
1863/09/00 Angus Smith (diver) Work Wearing 200 lb canvas diving suits and helmets, Smith and Broadfoot divers raise the H L HUNLEY over the course of almost a week. Over the next few month Smith and Broadfoot will charge the Confederate States Quartermaster Dept $7,000 for salvage. H L HUNLEY (submarine)

Data »

Particulars for Fort Johnson, Powder Magazine:
Cultural Affiliation English Colonial
Structure Type Fortification
Area of Significance Historic and non-aboriginal
Criteria Historic Event
Criteria Information Potential
Area of Significance Military
Level of Significance National
Area of Significance Politics-government
Historic Use Powder Magazine
Sight Category Site
Owner State

US National Registry of Historic Places Data »

Accurate at time of registration: 14th September 1972

Registry Name: Fort JohnsonPowder Magazine
Registry Address: About 3 mi. SE of Charleston on James Island
Registry Number: 72001197
Resource Type: Site
Owner: State
Architect: unknown
Architectural Style: No style listed
Area in Acres: 90
Contributing Buildings: 1
Contributing Sites: 1
Certification: Listed in the National Register
Level of Significance: National
Area of Significance: Historic and non-aboriginal, Military, Politics-government
Applicable Criteria: Event, Information Potential
Cultural Affiliation: English
Period of Significance: 1850-1874, 1700-1749, 1750-1799
Significant Year: 1708, 1765, 1861
Historic Function: Defense
Historic Sub-Function: Fortification
Current Function: Education
Current Sub-Function: Research facility

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