George W Minter House

  • Also Known As: Minter House

  • Address: 322 W 3rd St
  • Travel Genus: Sight
  • Sight Category: Building

The George W Minter home is significant both for its architecture and for its history as the longtime home for one of Santa Ana's early pioneer families and businessmen. Architecturally, the Minter home is one of the few last remaining Italianate style homes in Santa Ana and nearby communities. It comes extremely close to being of the pure Italianate style as commonly manifested in Southern California in the mid 1800's. The Minter home bears a nearly identical resemblance to the characteristic description and photo given to the Southern California Italianate style by David Gebhard and Robert Winter in their book, A Guide To Architecture In Los Angeles and Southern California.

The Minter home is in good condition and unlike many of the local homes, has been subjected to remarkably little alteration and modification. The accompanying water tower is one of only a few (probably not more than five) such remaining water towers in the City. Such water towers had been quite common among the wealthier families prior to the more sophisticated water distribution systems which later evolved.

George W Minter, original owner and occupant of the Minter house, arrived in Santa Ana in 1874 and involved himself in many profitable ventures. As a younger man he was a successful walnut grower and in his later years concerned himself with real estate, banking and civic offices. Minter Street in Santa Ana continues to bear his name.

George Minter was an active civic leader who served on the Santa Ana Park Commission and as a director of the First National Bank in the City. He also served on the committee which raised funds for the completion of the original Town Park (presently Birch Park) in 1910 which was the City's first park.

George Minter resided at his home for 47 years and during the early part of his residence was employed as the Deputy Assessor of Los Angeles County, (prior to creation of Orange County in 1889), and was a primary leader in promoting the separation of Orange County as a separate county. In addition, he started the first street car line in the County, and was active in many real estate ventures.

George W Minter married Elizabeth Berry (daughter of Henry C Berry) on October 9, 1879. Elizabeth's older sister Louisa was the wife of Albert W Birch and mother of Emma and Otis Birch. Albert Birch died in 1872.

In 1897 Emma and Otis Birch donated land across the street from the Minter house to Santa Ana for park purposes and by April 1900 the deed was completed and the property became Birch Park in honor of their father. - NRHP, 25 June 1979



Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1877/00/00 Minter House, a two-story Italianate style residence, is built by Henry C Berry in 1877 for George W Minter.
1900/00/00 Minter's board and batten, white-washed redwood barn was built in the early 1900s.

Data »

Particulars for George W Minter House:
Area of Significance Architecture
Criteria Architecture-Engineering
Sight Category Building
Area of Significance Commerce
Architectural Style Italianate
Attribute Moved property
Criteria Person
Owner Private
Historic Use Single dwelling

US National Registry of Historic Places Data »

Accurate at time of registration: 9th June 1980

Registry Name: Minter, George W., House
Registry Address: 322 W. 3rd St.
Registry Number: 80000830
Resource Type: Building
Owner: Private
Architect: Berry,Henry C.
Architectural Style: Italianate
Contributing Buildings: 1
Non-Contributing Buildings: 1
Non-Contributing Structures: 1
Certification: Listed in the National Register
Level of Significance: Local
Area of Significance: Commerce, Architecture
Applicable Criteria: Architecture-Engineering, Person
Criteria Consideration: Moved property
Period of Significance: 1900-1924, 1875-1899
Significant Year: 1877, 1900
Associated People: Minter,George W.
Historic Function: Domestic
Historic Sub-Function: Single dwelling
Current Function: Domestic
Current Sub-Function: Single dwelling

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