Island of Niihau

  • Also Known As: The Forbidden Isle

  • Type: Island

Niihau, the seventh smallest of the eight populated Hawaiian Islands is generally off limits for casual visitors except by arranged tour. The island has been privately owned by the Sinclair-Robinson family since 1864 and is home to about 200 residents. The inhabitants lack many modern amenities, like electricity, but have made a commitment to preserving the Hawaiian culture. Hawaiian is still used as their primary language. Niihau lacks the tropical vegetation common on the other Hawaiian Islands but is noted for a wealth of tiny Momi Shells which are strung into leis. - AsNotedIn


Geography »

Physiographic Data
Highest Point: Mt Pani'au: 381 m
Lowest Point: Pacific Ocean: 0 m
Area: 180 sq km

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Particulars for Island of Niihau:
Physiographic feature Island

Activities »

Wild Polynesian Boar and Hybrid Sheep introduced on the island have reproduced in such abundance that public hunting safaris have been established to control the animal populations. - AsNotedIn

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