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Tabernacle of Saint Lorenz Church Sculpture


Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1439/00/00 Work on the Deocarusaltar, Deokarus Altar, begins St Lorenz Church, built to hold the relics of Deocarus.
1439/00/00 Hall Choir of Lorenzkirch is built, 1439-1477
1476/00/00 Knorr stained glass window is installed, donated by the pastor of St Lorenz Dr Peter Knorr
1477/00/00 Kaiser stained glass window is installed at the Church of St Lorenz, designed by Michael Wolgemut, 1476-1477
1496/00/00 Adam Kraft Sculptor Adam Kraft carves the Tabernacle of Saint Lorenz Church from stone, commissioned in 1493 by Hans Imhoff, a patrician from Nuremberg Tabernacle of Saint Lorenz Church
1510/00/00 Annenaltar, Alter of St Anne, is installed in St Lorenz Church
1518/00/00 Veit Stoss Sculptor Engelsgruss, Angel Greeting, is created for the church of St Lorenz by Veit Stoss (hangs in the center of the choir) Angelic Salutation (Stoss)
1521/00/00 Johannesaltar, or Johannes Alter, is installed at the church of St Lorenz
1862/00/00 Klais Orgelbau Manufacturer Stephans Organ, Steinmeyer op, formerly in the Evangelical Lutherin Church, Hersbruck, Restored in 2002 by Klais Orgelbau.
1937/00/00 Klais Orgelbau Manufacturer The 1937 Steinmeyer Organ is rebuilt by Klais Orgelbau, Bonn, 2003.
1943/08/10 Lorenzkirch takes its first hit from allied bombs.
1945/01/02 Entire nave roof of Lorenzkirche collapses after being struck by allied bombs.
1952/08/10 First service in the restored St Lorenz Church

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Particulars for St Lorenz Church:
Area of Significance Architecture
Criteria Architecture-Engineering
Area of Significance Art
Sight Category Building
Building Type Church
Era Medieval Europe
Musical Instrument Organ
Historic Use Religious Property
Building Attribute Stained Glass

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