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Wool Growers

  • Address: 600 H St
  • Vicinity: 6th St
  • Phone: 209-826-4593
  • Travel Genus: Eats
  • Eatery Category: Casual Sit Down Restaurant
  • Eatery Type: Restaurant

Wool Growers is a family-style Basque restaurant in Los Banos, California, notable for serving a set menu of French, Basque Food right in the heart of Los Banos, California. - AsNotedIn

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Wool Growers

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Eatery Category Casual Sit Down Restaurant
Eats Time Dinner
Eats Eatery
Eatery Attribute Family Style Meals
Eats Time Lunch
Eatery Type Restaurant
Eatery Attribute Set Meal

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Particulars for Wool Growers:
Cultural Affiliation Basque
Food Attribute Basque Food

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