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Delphi Lodge

  • Historically Known As: Delphi Mountain Resort

  • Address: R335
  • Vicinity: N of Killary Fjord
  • Phone: 353-954-2222
  • Travel Genus: Lodging
  • Activity Category: Fishing
  • Lodging category: Upscale Lodging
  • Fishing Type: Salmon Fishing

Mysteries Elysium Piscatorum

Delphi Lodge is an upscale fishing lodge set in a valley in Leenaun, County Galway, Ireland. The former country house is situated above a 2 miles river noted for its excellent runs of Atlantic salmon. - AsNotedIn

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Delphi Lodge


Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1835/00/00 Delphi Lodge is built in the 1830s for the Marquis of Sligo (Westport House) as a hunting and fishing lodge.
1867/00/00 "... unless I make a great mistake, Delphi offers about the best white trout fishing in the kingdom." - A Year of Liberty: Or, Salmon Angling in Ireland, from February 1 to November 1, by Walter Peard Sea Trout
1903/00/00 Edward VII Guest Delphi Lodge is visited by King Edward VII. The royal motor car however broke down in Connemara, where the king and queen were meeting and greeting locals.
1958/00/00 Trinity College mathematician, Alec Wallace, operates Delphi lodge as though it were an informal fishing house-party, attracting many famous guests, including Nobel Prize winners, poets etc who came to stay, 1958 to 1971.
1960/00/00 "A Man May Fish" by Judge T C Kingsmill Moore, said to be Ireland's best ever fishing book, devotes a whole chapter to Alec Wallace and Delphi.
1985/00/00 Peter Mantle, along with friends and investors, restore the Lodge, Cottages and Fishery.
1995/00/00 Charles, Prince of Wales Guest Prince Charles fishes at Delphi Lodge in Co Mayo.

Data »

Particulars for Delphi Lodge:
Attribute Lake Side
Current Use Lodging

Activities »

Activity Category Fishing
Fishing Type Salmon Fishing

Accommodations »

Lodging Style Cottage
Lodging Style Grand Home
Lodging Style Hotel
Accommodations Luxury
Lodging category Upscale Lodging

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