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Lago Fedaia, IT

  • Address: 1 SS 641
  • Type: Lake
  • Travel Genus: Sight
  • Sight Category: Terrestrial Feature

Located in Northern Italy, Lago Fedaia is an mountain lake created by the Fedaia dam situated in the Fedaia mountain pass at the base of the Marmolada in the Dolomiti Range. - AsNotedIn

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Lago Fedaia, IT


Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1950/00/00 A laboratory for the study of cosmic rays is built at the foot of the Fedaia Dam for Antonio Rostagni of Padua, where he can utilize large amounts of electricity for his studies.
2002/12/00 Director F Gary Gray films "The Italian Job" on the Fedaia dam in Passo Fedaia, IT. The Italian Job (2003 film)

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Physiographic Mountainous

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Particulars for Lago Fedaia, IT:
Natural Feature Lake
Historic Use Natural Feature
Sight Category Terrestrial Feature

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