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National Park of Slovensky Kras, SK

  • English: Slovak Karst National Park

  • Type: Natural Environ

Slovak Karst National Park is a protected nateral area in the Gelnica, Roznava and Kosice-okolie districts of the Kosicky Region in South East Slovakia. Situated in the Slovak Karst mountain range, the 346.11 km2 (133.64 mi2)reserve is the largest karstic area in the middle Europe. In 1995, 12 out of 700 caves in the park were recognized as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. - AsNotedIn



Gombasek Cave, SK
Koniarska Plateau, SK
Plesivska Plateau, SK

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Particulars for National Park of Slovensky Kras, SK:
Physiographic Attribute Karst
Material Limestone
Physiographic Mountainous
Locale Type Natural Environ

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