Hamburger Kunsthalle

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Hamburger Kunsthalle is a world class art museum in Hamburg, Germany, with an extensive collection housed in five buildings. Seven centuries of European art, from the Middle Ages till modern day include 14th century German paintings, 16th and 17th century paintings from the Low Countries and contemporary art. - AsNotedIn


Objects of Art

Adoration of the Kings (painting) Painting
Balance Painting
Cadmium Painting
Charlotte Corinth at Her Dressing Table Painting
Cluster of Grapes Painting
Flowers Painting
Interior of a Church Painting
Landscape with Shepherds and Cows Painting
Old Elms in Prater Painting
Portrait of Maurits Huygens Painting
Portrait of Professor Dr Eduard Meyer Painting
Self portrait in Armor Painting
Self Portrait with a Model Painting
Side Portal of Como Cathedral Painting
Simeon and Hannah in the Temple Painting
Song in the Distance Painting
The Beach of Rome Ostia I Painting
The Hulsenbeck Children Painting
The Lilienstein on the Elbe Painting
The Old Farmer Painting
The Paris Commune Painting
The Rescue Painting
The Schmidt Family Painting
Tiger in the Jungle Painting
Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog Painting
World of Work Painting


Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1863/00/00 Designed by Georg Theodor Schirrmacher and Hermann von der Hude, and financed largely through private donations, consturction begins on a Kunsthalle building for the Hamburg Kunstverein.
1869/00/00 The red-brick Kunsthalle building is completed.

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Particulars for Hamburger Kunsthalle:
Area of Significance Art
Sight Category Building
Museum Type Museum

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