Fragments of the Painted Chamber, Old Palace of Westminster

  • Vicinity: Palace of Westminster
  • Type: Architectural Remnant
  • Travel Genus: Sight
  • Sight Category: Object



Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1225/00/00 Henry III of England English Sovereign The King's Chamber (lost) is built parallel to St Stephen's Chapel for Henry III. It will become known as the Painted Chamber for magnificent paintings decorating its walls.
1275/00/00 Edward I of England Sovereign In the later 13C, Edward I summons the English Parliaments to meet in the Painted Chamber. The room will also be used for such other important state ceremonies as the State Opening of Parliament.
1649/00/00 In the Painted Chamber, Oliver Cromwell signs Charles I's death warrant.
1816/00/00 During repairs in the Painted Chamber, four ceiling paintings are removed by Adam Lee, the "Labourer in Trust" at Westminster. Two are lost but two are at the British Museum.
1819/00/00 Thomas Crofton Croker, clerk of works at Westminster and an amateur artist, make copies in watercolour of the murals in The King's Chamber (lost). The watercolours are in the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Ashmolean Museum.
1820/00/00 The Court of Requests, a national civil claims court, operates from the Painted Chamber.
1822/00/00 John Soane Official architect of the Office of Works Soane begins alterations in the House of Lords, House of Commons and the Speaker of the House of Commons house (lost) at the Palace of Westminster. A wooden patera from the Painted Room ceiling is in the Soane Museum.
1835/00/00 British House of Lords The House of Lords moves into the Painted Chamber. They will operate from this room until 1847.
1838/00/00 Charles Scarisbrick Life After the death of Thomas Scarisbrick in 1833, Charles fights a legal battle with his sisters over the inheritance to the Scarisbrick estate. In 1838, the case is decided in Charles' favour in the House of Lords.
1851/00/00 The Painted Chamber is pulled down.

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Particulars for Fragments of the Painted Chamber, Old Palace of Westminster:
Disposition Architectural Remnant
Sight Category Object

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