Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

  • Vicinity: Western Ukraine
  • Type: Forest

Carpathian Biosphere Reserve is a biosphere nature reserve situated in the Polonynian and Wooded Beskids mountain groups of the Eastern Carpathians. - AsNotedIn

The reserve protects six separate preservation massifs and two botanical reserves (zakazniks) in Western Ukraine:

Chornohora preservation massif, located on the southern slope of the Chornohora

Svydovets preservation massif, situated in the highest region of the Svydovets mountains

Marmorosh preservation massif on the northern slope of the Rakhiv Mountains

Kuziy preservation massif on the southern branches of the Svydovets

Uholka and Shyroka Luzhanka preservation massif on the southern slopes of the Krasna and the Menchil mountains grasslands

Preservation massif "Dolyna Nartsysiv" (Narcissus Valley) in the western part of Khustsko-Solotvynska Valley and in a flatland of the Khustets river flood plain

Botanical zakaznik "Chorna Hora" (Black Mountain) in the Volcanic Carpathians, on the Chornahora mountain range

Botanical zakaznik "Yulivska Hora" (Julius Mountain) on the slopes of the Yulivski mountains island massif in the Vyhorlat-Hutynskiy volcanic ridge




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Particulars for Carpathian Biosphere Reserve:
Physiographic feature Forest
Physiographic Mountainous
Locale Type Natural Environ
Locale Type Nature Reserve

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