AsNotedIn: 1100 or so Notable Novels and Novellas



100 years of Solitude Novel
11-22-1963 (book) Novel
1101 Park Avenue (book) Novel
2001: A Space Odyssey Book
2666 Book
A Bend in the River Book
A Boy's Own Story Book
A Bullet in the Ballet (book) Novel
A Canticle for Leibowitz (book) Novel
A Clockwork Orange Novel
A Confederacy of Dunces Novel
A Dance to the Music of Time Book
A Dark-Adapted Eye Novel
A Day in Spring Book
A Day Off Book
A Death in the Family Book
A Demon in My View Novel
A Dry White Season Book
A Farewell to Arms Book
A Fatal Inversion Novel
A Fine Balance Book
A Ghost at Noon Book
A Handful of Dust Book
A Hero of Our Time Book
A House for Mr Biswas Book
A House in the Uplands Book
A Journey to the West Book
A Judgement in Stone Novel
A Kestrel for a Knave Book
A Kiss Before Dying (book) Novel
A Light Comedy Book
A Morbid Taste for Bones Novel
A Pale View of Hills Book
A Passage to India (book) Book
A Prayer for Owen Meany Book
A Question of Power Book
A Room with a View (book) Book
A Running Duck Novel
A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy (book) Novel
A Severed Head Book
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian Book
A Study in Scarlet (book) Novel
A Suitable Boy (book) Makrystoria
A Tale of Love and Darkness Book
A Tale of Two Cities (book) Book
A Taste for Death Novel
A Thief of Time Novel
A Thousand Cranes Book
A Time to Kill: A Novel Novel
A Town Like Alice Book
A Void Book
A Woman's Life (Maupassant book) Novella
A World for Julius Book
Absalom, Absalom! Book
Absolute Beginners Book
Ada Book
Adam Bede Book
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (book) Novel
Agains the Grain Book
Against the Day Book
Alamut Book
Alberta and Jacob Book
Alias Grace Book
Alice Adams (book) Novel
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book
All About H Hatterr Book
All Quiet on the Western Front Book
All Souls (Todas las almas) Book
All Souls Day Book
All the King's Men (book) Book
All the Pretty Horses Book
Almost Transparent Blue Book
Amad Book
American Pastoral Book
American Psycho Novel
Amerika Book
Amongst Women Book
An American Tragedy Book
An Artist of the Floating World Book
Anagrams Novel
Anatomy of a Murder (book) Novel
Ancestral Voices Book
And Then There Were None (Christie book) Novel
Andrea Book
Animal's People Book
Anna Karenina Book
Annie John (book) Book
Anton Reiser (4 parts) Book
Appointment in Samarra (book) Novel
Arcadia Book
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret Book
Around the World in Eighty Days (book) Novel
Arrow of God Book
Arrowsmith (book) Novel
Arundel (book) Novel
As a Man Grows Older Book
As If I Am Not There Book
Ashenden: Or the British Agent Novel
Ashes and Diamonds (book) Book
Asphodel Book
Astradeni (book) Novel
At Swim-Two-Birds Book
At The Mountains of Madness (book) Book
Atonement (book) Novel
Aurelien (book) Novel
Austerlitz Novel
Auto-da-Fe (book) Novel
Autumn of the Patriarch Book
Babbitt Book
Back Book
Back to Oegstgeest (book) Novel
Ballad for Georg Henig Book
Baltazar and Bleminda Book
Bank Shot Novel
Barabbas Book
Bartleby and Co Book
Beast in View Novel
Bebo's Girl Book
Before Night Falls Book
Bel-Ami (book) Novel
Belle du Seigneur Book
Beloved Book
Ben-Hur (book) Novel
Berlin Alexanderplatz Book
Bertie and the Tin Man Novel
Billiards at Half Past Nine Novel
Billy Liar (book) Novella
Birdsong Book
Black Box Book
Blaming Book
Bleak House (book) Book
Blind Man with a Pistol Book
Blindness Book
Blood and Guts in High School Book
Blood Meridian Book
Bonjour Tristesse Book
Borstal Boy Book
Bosnian Chronicle Book
Bouvard and Pecuchet Book
Brat Farrar Novel
Brave New World Book
Brideshead Revisited (book) Novel
Brighton Rock Book
Broad and Alien is the World Book
Broken April Book
Buddenbrooks Book
Burger's Daughter Book
Burning Daylight Book
By the Open Sea Book
Call it Sleep Book
Camera Obscura Book
Camilla Book
Candide Book
Captain Corelli's Mandarin Book
Carry Me Down Book
Casino Royale (book) Novel
Cat and Mouse Book
Cat's Cradle Book
Cataract Book
Catch-22 (book) Book
Cause for Alarm Book
Celestial Harmonies (book) Novel
Celestina Book
Chaka the Zulu Book
Cheese Book
Chinaman's Chance Novel
Cider with Rosie Book
Cigarettes Book
City Sister Silver Book
Clarissa Makrystoria
Claudine's House Book
Clear Light of Day Book
Cloud Atlas Book
Clouds of Witness Novel
Cold Comfort Farm Book
Compassion Book
Contact Book
Conversations in Sicily Book
Cop Hater Novel
Correction Book
Couples, Passerby Book
Cranford Book
Crash (Ballard book) Novel
Crime and Punishment (book) Novel
Crocodile on the Sandbank Novel
Crome Yellow Book
Crossfire Book
Cry the Beloved Country Book
Cutter and Bone Book
Dance Hall of the Dead Novel
Dandelion Wine (book) Novel
Dangling Man Book
David Copperfield (book) Makrystoria
Day of the Dolphin Book
Day of the Triffids Book
Dead Heads Novel
Dead Souls Book
Death and the Dervish Book
Death Comes as the End Novel
Death Comes for the Archbishop Book
Death in Rome Book
Death Sentence Book
Declares Pereira Book
Decline and Fall Book
Deep River Book
Deep Rivers Book
Deliverance (book) Novel
Democracy Book
Destry Rides Again (book) Novel
Devices and Desires Novel
Devil in a Blue Dress Novel
Diary of a Nobody Book
Dictionary of the Khazars Book
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Book
Dirty Havana Trilogy Book
Disappearance (Dabydeen book) Novel
Discovery of Heaven Book
Disgrace Book
Disobedience Book
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (book) Novel
Doctor Zhivago (book) Book
Dog Soldiers Book
Dog Years Book
Dom Casmurro Book
Don Quixote Novel
Double Indemnity (book) Novel
Down Second Avenue Book
Down There Book
Dr Faustus Book
Dracula (book) Book
Dream of the Red Chamber Book
Drunkard Book
Eclipse of the Crescent Moon Book
Effi Briest Book
Elective Affinities Novel
Elementary Particles Book
Eline Vere Book
Embers Book
Emma Book
Enduring Love Book
Enigma of Arrival Book
Erewhon Book
Euegnie Grandet Novel
Eugene Onegin Book
Eva Trout Book
Evelina Book
Everything is Illuminated Book
Excellent women Book
Exercises in Style Book
Extinction Book
Eye of the Needle Novel
Eyeless in Gaza Novel
Faceless Killers Book
Faces in the water (book) Novel
Facundo Book
Fado Alexandrino Book
Fahrenheit 451 (book) Novel
Falconer Book
Fall on Your Knees Book
Falling Man Book
Fantomas Book
Far from the Madding Crowd (book) Novel
Farewell My Lovely Novel
Fateless Book
Fathers and Sons Book
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Book
Fear and Trembling Book
Fear of Flying Book
Felicia's Journey Book
Ferdydurke Book
Fifth Business Book
Finnegans Wake Book
Flaubert's Parrot (book) Novel
Fletch Novel
Fool's Gold Book
For Whom the Bell Tolls Book
Foucault's Pendulum (book) Novel
Foundation (book) Book
Frankenstein (book) Novel
From Russia, with Love (book) Novel
Froth on the Daydream Book
Fugitive Pieces Book
G Book
Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon Book
Game, Set and Match Novel
Garden, Ashes Book
Gargantua and Pantagruel Book
Gaudy Night Novel
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (book) Novel
Germinal Book
Get Shorty Book
Ghost Road (book) Novel
Gideon's Day Novel
Giles Goat Boy Book
Gimmick! Book
Giovanni's Room Book
Go Set a Watchman Book
Go Tell it on the Mountain Book
God Save the Mark Novel
God's Bits of Wood Novel
Gone With the Wind (book) Book
Good Morning, Midnight Book
Goodbye to Berlin (book) Novella
Gorky Park Novel
Gormenghast Book
Gosta Berlings Saga Book
Gravity's Rainbow Book
Great Expectations (book) Novel
Green for Danger Novel
Green Henry Book
Greenmantle Novel
Group Portrait with a Lady Book
Growth of the Soil Novel
Gulliver's Travels Book
Hadrian the Seventh Novel
Half of a Yellow Sun (book) Novel
Half of Man is Woman Book
Halftime: A Novel Book
Hallucinating Foucault Book
Hamlet, Revenge! Novel
Hawksmoor Book
Heartbreak Tango Book
Henry Von Ofterdingen (unfinished) Book
Her Privates We Book
Here's to You, Jesusa! Book
Herzog (book) Novel
Hideous Kinky (book) Novel
Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy Book
Home and the World Novel
Home Sweet Homicide Novel
Homo Faber (book) Novel
House Mother Normal Book
Housekeeping (book) Novella
How Late it Was, How Late Book
Howards End Book
Humboldt's Gift Book
Hunger (Hamsun book) Novel
Hyperion Book
I Robot Novel
I Thought of Daisy (book) Novel
I'm Not Scared Book
I'm Not Stiller Book
I, Claudius Book
I, the Jury Novel
If Not Now, When? Book
If on a Winter's Night a Traveler Book
If this is a Man Book
Impressions of Africa Book
In a Free State Book
In Matto's Realm (book)
In Parenthesis Book
In Search of Klingsor Book
In Search of Lost Time (book) Book
In the Heart of the Country Book
In the Heart of the Sea (Agnon book) Book
In Watermelon Sugar Book
Independent People Book
Indian Summer Book
Infinite Jest (book) Novel
Inland Book
Innocent Blood Novel
Insatiability Book
Inside Mr Enderby Book
Invisible Cities Book
Invisible Man (Ellisson book) Book
Islands Book
IT (book) Novel
Ivanhoe Book
Jack Maggs Book
Jacob the Liar Book
Jacques the Fatalist Book
Jahrestage Book
Jane Eyre (book) Novel
Jealousy Book
Jean de Florette (book) Novel
Jennie Gerhardt Novel
Joseph and His Brothers Book
Joseph Andrews Book
Journey to Alcarria: Travels Through the Spanish Countryside Book
Journey to the Center of the Earth Book
Journey to the End of the Night Book
Jude the Obscure Book
Julie, or the New Heloise Book
July's People Book
Junkie Book
Justine (Durrell book) Book
Justine, or The Misfortunes of Virtue Novel
Kafka on the Shore Book
Keep the Aspidistra Flying Book
Kim Book
King Lear of the Steppes (book) Book
King Solomon's Mines Book
Kingdom of this World Book
Kiss of the Spiderwoman Book
Kitchen Book
KoKoro Book
Kristin Lavransdatter Book
La Bete Humaine Book
La Brava Book
La Dama numero trece Book
Labyrinths Book
Lady Chatterly's Lover Novel
Lanark: A Life in Four Books Book
Larva: Midsummer Night's Babel Book
Last of the Mohicans Book
Last Seen Wearing ... Novel
Laura (book) Novel
Le Pere Goriot Novel
Leaden Wings Book
Legend (Gemmell book) Novel
Les Enfants Terribles (book) Novel
Les Liaisons Dangereuses Book
Les Miserables (book) Makrystoria
Life and Death of Harriett Frean (book) Novel
Life is a Caravanserai Book
Life: A User's Manual Book
Light in August Book
Like Water for Chocolate (book) Book
Line of Beauty Book
Little Caesar (book) Novel
Little Women Book
Living (book) Novel
Locus Solus Book
Lolita (book) Novel
London Fields Book
Lonely Londoners Book
Look Homeward, Angel Book
Looking for the Possible Dance Book
Lord of the Flies Book
Lost Honour of Katharina Blum Book
Lost Horizon (book) Novel
Lost Illusions Novel
Lost Language of Cranes Book
Love in a Cold Climate Book
Love in Excess Book
Love in the time of Cholera Book
Love Medicine Book
Love's Work Book
Loving (book) Novel
Lucky Jim Book
Madame Bovary (book) Novel
Main Street (book) Novel
Maldoror Book
Malice Aforethought Novel
Malone Dies Book
Man's Fate Book
Manon des sources (book) Novel
Mansfield Park Book
Mao II Book
Margot and the Angels Book
Marius the Epicurean Book
Marks of Identity Book
Martin Eden Book
Martin Fierro Book
Matigari Book
Max Havelaar Book
Measuring the World Book
Melmoth the Wanderer Book
Memoirs of a Peasant Boy Book
Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure: Fanny Hill (book) Novel
Memoirs of Hadrian Book
Memoirs of Martinus Scriblerus Novel
Memoirs of Rain Book
Memory of Fire Book
Michael Kohlhaas Book
Midaq Alley (book) Novel
Middlemarch Book
Midnight's Children Book
Miramar (book) Novella
Miss Lonelyhearts (book) Book
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Book
Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow Novel
Moby Dick (book) Makrystoria
Moll Flanders Novel
Molloy Book
Money (Amis book) Book
Money to Burn Book
Monica Book
Moon Palace Novel
Morvern Callar Book
Moscow Stations Book
Mother (Gorky novel) Book
Mother's Milk Book
Mrs Dalloway Book
Murder Must Advertise Novel
Murder on the Orient Express (book) Novel
Murphy Book
My Brother Michael Novel
Myra Breckinridge Book
Na Drini Cuprija Book
Nadja Novel
Nana (book) Book
Native Son (book) Book
Nausea Book
Nervous Conditions Book
Neuromancer Book
Never Let Me Go (book) Novel
New Grub Street Book
News From Nowhere Book
Nights at the Circus Book
Nightwood Book
Nine Coaches Waiting Novel
Nineteen Eighty-Four Novel
No Laughing Matter Novel
No One Writes to the Colonel Book
None but the Brave Book
North and South Book
Nostromo Book
Notes from the Underground (book) Novel
Nowhere Man Book
Obabakoak Book
Oblomovka Book
Oeroeg Novel
Of Human Bondage Book
Of Love and Shadows Book
Oliver Twist (book) Novel
On Love: A Novel Book
On the Black Hill Book
On the Edge of Reason Book
On the Heights of Despair Book
On the Road Book
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Book
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Book
One, None and a Hundred Thousand Book
Orlando Book
Oroonoko Book
Oscar and Lucinda Book
Our Lady of Darkness (book) Novel
Our Lady of the Assassins Book
Our Man in Havana Book
Out of Africa (book) Novel
Pale Fire Book
Pallieter (book) Book
Pamela (book) Makrystoria
Parade's End Book
Paradise of the Blind Book
Passing Book
Patterns of Childhood Book
Pavel's Letters Book
Penny Black Novel
Pepita Jimenez Book
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer Novel
Phineas Finn Book
Pilgrimage Book
Pippi Longstocking (book) Book
Platero and I Book
Platform Book
Play It As It Lays Book
Pluck the Bud and Destroy the Offspring Book
Pnin Book
Poisonwood Bible Book
Portnoy's Complaint Novel
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Book
Possessing the Secret of Joy Book
Possession Book
Presumed Innocent Novel
Pricksongs and Descants Book
Pride and Prejudice Book
Princesse de Cleves (book) Novel
Prizzi's Honor (book) Novel
Professor Marten's Departure Book
Professor Unrat Book
Promise at Dawn Book
Psycho (book) Novel
Quality (book)
Quartet in Autumn Book
Quicksand (Larsen book) Novel
Quo Vadis Book
Rabbit is Rich Book
Rabbit Redux Book
Rabbit, Run Book
Ragtime: A Novel Book
Rameau's Nephew Book
Rasselas Novel
Reasons to Live Book
Rebecca (book) Book
Red Dragon Novel
Red Harvest (book) Novel
Red-Headed Woman (book) Novel
Regeneration (book) Novel
Remains of the Day (book) Novel
Remembering Babylon Book
Requim for a Dream Book
Retreat Without Song Book
Revolutionary Road (book) Novel
Rickshaw Boy Book
Rituals Book
Rob Roy Book
Robinson Crusoe (book) Book
Rogue Male (book) Novel
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Book
Rosemary's Baby (book) Novel
Rumpole of the Bailey (book) Novel
Running Blind Novel
Sadie When She Died Novel
Santa Evita Book
Satanic Verses (book) Book
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning Book
Savage Detectives Book
Schindler's Ark Book
Seasons of Migration to the North Book
Sense and Sensibility Novel
Sentimental Education (book) Novel
Sexing the Cherry (book) Novel
Shame (Rushdie novel) Book
Shooting Script Novel
Shroud for a Nightingale Novel
Siddharta Book
Silas Marner (book) Novel
Silence Book
Silk Book
Simon and the Oak Trees Book
Sister Carrie Book
Small Island Book
Small Remedies Book
Smallbone Deceased Novel
Smiley's People Book
Snow Book
Snow Crash (book) Novel
So Long a Letter Book
Solaris Book
Soldiers of Salamis Book
Solitude Book
Some Experiences of an Irish RM Book
Some Prefer Nettles Book
Sometimes a Great Notion Book
Song of Solomon (book) Book
Sons and Lovers Book
Southern Seas Book
Spring Flowers, Spring Frost Book
Spring Torrents Book
Steppenwolf Book
Stick Novel
Stone Junction Book
Story of the Eye Book
Strait is the gate Book
Stranger in a Strange Land Book
Strangers on a Train (book) Novel
Strong Poison Novel
Suite Francaise Book
Summer Book
Summer in Baden Baden Book
Summer Will Show Novel
Surfacing (book) Novel
Taebek Mountains Book
Tarka the Otter Book
Tarr Book
Tarzan of the Apes Book
Tenant of Wildfell Hall Book
Tender is the Night Book
Tent of Miracles Book
Tess of the D'Urbervilles Book
Thais Book
Thank You, Jeeves Book
The 120 days of Sodom Novel
The Abbot C Book
The ABC Murders Novel
The Accidental Book
The Adventures of Augie March Book
The Adventures of Caleb Williams Book
The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle Book
The Adventurous Simplicissimus: Being the Description of the Life of a Strange Vagabond Named Melchoir Sternfels Von Fuchshaim Book
The Afternoon of a Writer Book
The Age of Innocence (book) Novel
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay Book
The Ambassadors Book
The Apes of God Book
The Artomonov Business Novel
The Assistant Book
The Awakening (book) Novel
The Back Room Book
The Beast Must Die Novel
The Beautiful Mrs Seidenman Book
The Bell Book
The Bell Jar Novel
The Bells of Basel (book) Novel
The Berlin Memorandum Novel
The Berlin Stories (book) Book
The Betrothed Book
The Big Sleep (book) Novel
The Birds (Vesaas book) Book
The Bitter Glass Book
The Black Dahlia Book
The Blind Assassin Book
The Blind Owl Book
The Blue of Noon Book
The Bluest Eye Book
The Body (King story) Novella
The Bonfire of the Vanities Novel
The Book about Blanche and Marie Book
The Book of Daniel Book
The Book of Disquiet Book
The Book of Laughter and Forgetting Book
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (book) Book
The Buddha of Suburbia Book
The Burning Plain Book
The Busconductor Hines Book
The Butcher Boy Book
The Caine Mutiny (book) Novel
The Cancer Ward Book
The Case of Comrade Tulayev Book
The Case of Sergeant Grischa (book) Novel
The Case Worker Book
The Castle Book
The Castle of Crossed Destinies Book
The Castle of Otranto Book
The Catcher in the Rye (book) Book
The Cathedral (Honchar book) Novel
The Cement Garden Book
The Charterhouse of Parma Novel
The Charwoman's Daughter Book
The Child of Pleasure Book
The Chill Novel
The Choirboys Novel
The Christmas Oratorio (book) Novel
The Cider House Rules Book
The Circular Staircase Novel
The Clay Machine-Gun Book
The Collector Novel
The Color Purple (book) Book
The Colour of Murder Novel
The Commandant Book
The Confessions of Nat Turner Book
The Corrections Book
The Count of Monte-Cristo (book) Makrystoria
The Counterfeiters Book
The Country Girls Book
The Crime of Father Amado Book
The Crow Road Book
The Crying of Lot 49 Book
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (book) Novel
The Danger Novel
The Dark Child Book
The Daughter Book
The Daughter of Time (book) Novel
The Day of the Jackal (book) Novel
The Day of the Locust Book
The Dead Father Book
The Dead of Jericho (book) Novel
The Deadbeats Book
The Death of Artemio Cruz Book
The Death of the Heart Book
The Death of Virgil Book
The Devil and Miss Prym Book
The Devil in the Flesh Book
The Devil in Velvet Novel
The Devil to Pay in the Backlands Book
The Devil's Pool Book
The Devils Book
The Dispossessed Book
The Diviners Book
The Doorbell Rang Novel
The Dreadful Lemon Sky Novel
The Dumas Club Novel
The Eagle Has Landed Novel
The Empire of the Sun (book) Book
The Enchanted Wanderer Book
The End of the Affair Book
The End of the Story Book
The Engineer of Human Souls Book
The English Patient (book) Book
The Enormous Room Book
The Expedition of Humphry Clinker Book
The False Inspector Dew Novel
The Fan Man Book
The Feast of the Goat Book
The Fellowship of the Ring Book
The Female Quixote Book
The Firm Novel
The First Circle Book
The First Deadly Sin Novel
The First Garden Book
The Floating Opera Book
The Forbidden Realm Book
The Forest and the Hanged Book
The Forsythe Saga Book Series
The Four Feathers (book) Novel
The Four Just Men Novel
The Franchise Affair Novel
The French Lieutenant's Woman Book
The Friends of Eddie Coyle Novel
The Fruits of the Earth Book
The Garden Of The Finzi-Continis Book
The Garden Where the Brass Band Played Book
The German Lesson Book
The Girl with Green Eyes Book
The Girls of Slender Means Book
The Glass Bead Game Book
The Glass Bees Book
The Glass Key Book
The Glimpses of the Moon Book
The Go-Between Book
The God of Small Things Book
The Godfather Book
The Golden Ass Book
The Golden Bowl (book) Novel
The Golden Notebook (book) Novel
The Good Soldier Book
The Good Soldier Svejk Book
The Graduate Book
The Grapes of Wrath (book) Book
The Grass is Singing Book
The Great Gatsby (book) Book
The Great Indian Novel Book
The Green Hat Book
The Green Mile: The Complete Serial Novel Novel
The Guide Book
The Guiltless Book
The Guns of Navarone Novel
The Handmaid's Tale Book
The Harvesters Book
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (book) Novel
The Heart of Redness Book
The Heart of the Matter Book
The Heat of the Day (book) Novel
The Heretic Book
The History of the Siege of Lisbon Book
The Hive Book
The Hobbit Book
The Holder of the World Book
The Hollow Man Novel
The Honorary Consul Book
The Hot Rock Novel
The Hothouse Book
The Hound of the Baskervilles (book) Novel
The Hour of the Star Book
The Hours Book
The House by the Medlar Tree Book
The House of Mirth (book) Novel
The House of Spirits Book
The House of the Seven Gables Book
The House on the Borderland Novel
The House with the Blind Glass Windows Book
The Human Stain Book
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Book
The Hunt for Red October (book) Novel
The Idiot (book) Novel
The Immoralist Book
The Inferno Book
The Inheritance of Loss Book
The Invention of Curried Sausage Book
The IPCRESS File Novel
The Iron Heel Book
The Island of Dr Moreau Book
The Journeying Boy Novel
The Judge and his Hangman Book
The Jungle Book
The Key to Rebecca (book) Novel
The Killer Inside Me Novel
The Killings at Badger's Drift Novel
The Kindly Ones Book
The Kreutzer Sonata Book
The Labyrinth Makers Novel
The Labyrinth of Solitude Book
The Lady in the Lake Novel
The Land Book
The Last Chronicle of Barset Book
The Last of Mr Norris (book) Novella
The Last Temptation of Christ (book) Book
The Last World Book
The Late-Night News Book
The Laughing Policeman Novel
The Laws Book
The Leavenworth Case (book) Novel
The Left-Handed Woman Book
The Leopard Book
The Leper of Saint Giles Novel
The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr Book
The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman (book) Novel
The Life and Times of Michael K Book
The Life of a Good-for-Nothing Book
The Life of Insects Book
The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes and of His Fortunes and Adversities Book
The Life of Pi Book
The Lion of Flanders (book) Novel
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (book) Novel
The Little Drummer Girl Novel
The Living and the Dead Book
The Long Goodbye Novel
The Lost Steps Book
The Lost Weekend (book) Novel
The Lover Book
The Lusiads Book
The Magic Mountain (Mann Book) Book
The Magician of Lublin (book) Book
The Magus (book) Book
The Making of Americans Book
The Maltese Falcon Book
The Man of Feeling Book
The Man Who Loved Children (book) Novel
The Man with the Golden Arm Book
The Man without Qualities Book
The Manchurian Candidate (book) Novel
The Mandarins Book
The Manila Rope Book
The Manor Book
The Manors of Ulloa Book
The Mask of Dimitrios Novel
The Master (book) Novel
The Master and Margarita Book
The Melacholy of Resistance Novel
The Midnight Examiner Book
The Midwitch Cuckoos Book
The Mill on the Floss Book
The Monk Book
The Moon and the Bonfire Book
The Moonstone (book) Novel
The Moviegoer Book
The Moving Toyshop Novel
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Novel
The Murder of the Maharajah Novel
The Museum of Unconditional Surrender Book
The Music of Chance Book
The Mysteries of Udolpho Book
The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (book) Novel
The Mystery of Edwin Drood Novel
The Name of the Rose (book) Book
The Namesake Book
The New World Book
The New York Trilogy Book
The Night of the Hunter (book) Novel
The Nine Tailors Novel
The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge Book
The Nun Book
The Old Devils Book
The Old Wive's Tale Novel
The Once and Future King Book
The Opposing Shore Book
The Optimist's Daughter (book) Novel
The Outsider Book
The Painted Bird Book
The Parable of the Blind Book
The Passion According to GH Book
The Path to the Nest of Spiders Novel
The People of Hemso Book
The Pharaoh Book
The Piano Teacher Book
The Picture of Dorian Gray (book) Novel
The Pigeon Book
The Pilgrim's Progress Book
The Plague Book
The Plot Against America Book
The Poisoned Chocolates Case (book) Novel
The Port Book
The Portrait of a Lady (book) Book
The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cuba Book
The Postman Always Rings Twice (book) Book
The Power and the Glory Book
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Book
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner Book
The Professor's House Book
The Quest Book
The Quest for Christa T Book
The Quiet American Book
The Radetzky March Book
The Radiant Way Book
The Ragazzi Book
The Ragged Tousered Philantrhopists Book
The Rainbow Book
The Ravishing of Lol Stein Book
The Razor's Edge Book
The Reader Book
The Recognitions Book
The Red and the Black (book) Novel
The Red Badge of Courage (book) Novel
The Red Room Book
The Regent's Wife Book
The Reluctant Fundamentalist Book
The Return of Philip Latinowicz Book
The Return of the King Book
The Return of the Soldier Book
The Riddle of the Sands Book
The River Between Book
The Roots of Heaven Book
The Rose of Tibet Novel
The Scapegoat (Du Maurier book) Book
The Scarlet Letter Book
The Sea Book
The Sea of Fertility Book
The Sea, The Sea Book
The Secret Agent Book
The Secret History Book
The Seven Per-Cent Solution Novel
The Shadow Lines Book
The Sheltering Sky Book
The Shining (book) Book
The Shippng News Book
The Shipyard Book
The Short-Timers (book) Book
The Shortest Way to Hades Novel
The Siege of Krishnapur Book
The Silence of the Lambs (book) Novel
The Singapore Grip Book
The Slaughterhouse Five Novel
The Smell of Sadness Book
The Snake Pit (book) Novel
The Sorrow of Belgium Book
The Sorrows of Young Werther Novel
The Sot-Weed Factor (book) Novel
The Sound and the Fury Book
The Sound of Waves Book
The Sportswriter Book
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold Book
The Stand (book) Makrystoria
The Steam Pig Novel
The Stechlin Book
The Stone Diaries Book
The Storm of Steel Book
The Story of O Book
The Street of Crocodiles Book
The Successor Book
The Summer Book Book
The Sun Also Rises Novel
The Sun Chemist Novel
The Swarm Book
The Swimming Pool Library Book
The Tale of Genji Book
The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter Book
The Talented Mr Ripley Novel
The Talk of the Town Book
The Tartar Steppe Book
The Thin Man (book) Book
The Thinking Reed Book
The Third Man (novella) Novel
The Third Policeman Book
The Third Wedding Book
The Thirteen Clocks Book
The Thirty-Nine Steps (book) Novel
The Thorn Birds (book)
The Three Musketeers Book
The Tiger in the Smoke Novel
The Tigers of Mompracem Book
The Time of Indifference Book
The Time of the Hero Book
The Tin Drum Book
The Tin Flute Book
The Travels of Persiles and Sigismunda Book
The Tree of Man Book
The Trial Book
The Trick is to Keep Breathing Book
The Triple Mirror of the Self Book
The Turn of the Screw (book) Novella
The Twilight Years Book
The Twins Book
The Two Towers Book
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Book
The Unconsoled Book
The Underdogs Book
The Unfortunate Traveller Book
The Unknown Soldier (Linna book) Novel
The Vicar of Wakefield Book
The Vice-Consul Book
The Viceroys Book
The Village (Bunin book) Novel
The Virgin in the Garden Book
The Virgin Suicides Book
The War of the End of the World Book
The War of the Worlds (book) Novel
The Wars Book
The Wasp Factory Book
The Water Margin Book
The Waves Book
The Way of All Flesh Book
The Well of Loneliness Novel
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Book
The Wings of the Dove Book
The Witness Book
The Woman in White Novel
The Year of the Hare Book
The Young Man Book
them Book
Therese Raquin Book
They Shoot Horses Don't They Book
Thier Eyes Were Watching God Book
Things Book
Things Fall Apart Book
Thomas of Reading Book
Three Trapped Tigers Book
Through the Looking Glass Book
Time and Again (Finney book) Novel
Time of Silence Book
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (book) Novel
Tirant Lo Blanc Book
Titus Groan Book
To Kill a Mockingbird (book) Book
To The Lighthouse Book
To the North Book
Tom Jones Book
Tragedy at Law (book) Novel
Transit Book
Treasure Island (book) Novel
Trent's Last Case Novel
Tropic of Cancer Novel
Troubling Love Book
Twice Shy Novel
Ubik Book
Ulysses (book) Makrystoria
Un Bel Morir (book)
Uncle Petros and Goldbach's Conjecture Book
Uncle Silas Novel
Uncle Tom's Cabin (book) Novel
Under Fire: The Story of a Squad Novel
Under Satan's Sun Book
Under the Net Book
Under the Skin Book
Under the Volcano (book) Novel
Under the Yoke Book
Underworld Novel
Underworld (DeLillo novel) Book
Untouchable Book
USA Book
V Book
Vanity Fair (book) Book
Vathek Novel
Vernon God Little Book
Veronika Decides to Die Book
Vertigo (Sebald book) Novel
Viper's Tangle Book
Voss Book
W, or the Memory of Childhood Book
Waiting for the Barbarians Book
Waiting for the Dark, Waiting for the Light Book
War and Peace (book) Makrystoria
War with the Newts Book
Water Babies Book
Waterland Book
We (Zamyatin book) Novel
What a Carve Up! (book) Novel
What Bloody Man Is That? Novel
What I Loved Book
What Maisie Knew Book
Whatever Book
Where Are the Children? Novel
White Noise Book
White Teeth Book
Who Goes There? Book
Wide Sargasso Sea Book
Wild Swans Book
Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship Novel
Willard and his Bowling Trophies Book
Wittgenstein's Mistress Book
Wittgenstein's Nephew Book
Wobble to Death Novel
Woman at Point Zero Book
Women in Love Book
World's End Book
Written on the Body (book) Novel
Wuthering Heights (book) Book
Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis Book
Young Torless Book
Your Face Tomorrow Book
Z Book
Zeno's Conscience Book
Zorba the Greek Book

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