Abbreviations or Acronyms

Abbreviations or Acronyms Description
Aka Also Known As
Alt Alternate
AME African Methodist Episcopal
approx approximately
Ave Avenue
Aves Avenues
blks blocks
c circa
C(number) century
CCC Civilian Conservation Corps
cent century
Cir Circle
Co County
CoRd county road
Cr court
Cres Crescent
Ct court
Dr Drive
E east
eg for example
Ft Fort
Hwy Highway
I Interstate
ie that is, in essence
jct junction
Jr Junior
km kilometer
Ln Lane
m meter
mi mile
mp milepost
Mt Mountain
N north
NE northeast
nmi nautical mile
No number
Nos numbers
NPS US National Park Service
NW Northwest
Pk Park
Pkwy Parkway
Pl Place
R River
Rd Road
Rds Roads
RR Railroad
Rte Route
S south
SE southeast
skm square kilometre
sm square mile
Sq Square
SR US State route
St Saint
St Street
Sta Saint
Sts Streets
Ter terrace
Tpke Turnpike
Twp Township
US United States
USA United States of America
W west
WPA Works Progress Administration
yds yards


abolitionism movement to end slavery General
archipelago group of islands Geography
atoll coral islands or outcroppings that encircle a lagoon Geography
bistro unpretentious food, often with a bar and music Eats
casual dining restaurant with table service Eats
Chanticleer a rooster: used as a proper name in medieval fables Literatary
city incorporated local entity, expect many facilities Place
coffeehouse typically serve coffee, light meals and snack Eats
conscientious objector one who refuses to fight in the military General
demesne legal possession of land Place
endorheic basin closed basin that allows nothing to flow out, lowest point Geography
fast food food is assembled to order, no table service Eats
fast-casual casual dining with minimal table service Eats
florilegium volume of collected short writings Literary
flounder struggle to move Nautical
founder fill with water and sink Nautical
independent city city that is not part of another local government, ie, not part of a county Place
island land completely surrounded by water Geography
kaffa coffee or tea house, snack bar Eats
living history demonstrations that use historic items Museum
marine on or in the sea or ocean Geography
maritime relating to the sea or ocean General
Mezzobula medium length fiction narrative, longer than a short story but shorter than a novel Literary
moniker Nickname General
municipality incorporated local community made of multiple entities, expect many facilities Place
museum any entity or collection preserved for display and learning; a house preserved as a museum Museum
nabe Japanese cooking pot or hot pot dishes Culinary
nabe Neighborhood within a neighborhood Place
nautical relating to sailors, navigation or boats General
Naval Architect one who designs or builds marine vessels or structures Profession
niggardly not generous, stingy General
omnibus volume of previously published books or novellas Literary
Ordinary tavern or eating house serving regular meals Building
Parkway Open landscaped highway Place
pelagic deep open water, often ocean Geography
peregrinate to travel, especially on foot General
pinnacle tall pointed of rock Geography
quick serve food is made to order, no table service Eats
reef ridge of coral, sand or rock near the surface of water Geography
repository Museum with large number of items are preserved for display and learning; Metropolitan Museum of Art Museum
restaurant Serves food, table service Eats
sagacious having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgment, shrewd General
scuttle purposely sinking a boat Nautical
sea stack steep sided column of rock in the sea Geography
ship chandlery one who provides supplies for a ship Nautical
shipwright ship builder Nautical
short story short fictional writing Literary
sight entity to see with little interaction Sights
site locale with little or nothing remaining, or unknown remains Sights
sobriquet descriptive moniker based on a characteristic General
sound ocean inlet that is larger than a bay Geography
squib short satiric or humorous writing or speech Literary
town larger than a village but smaller than a city, expect some facilities Place
tributary stream or river that flows into a larger one Geography
verfabula long form narrative nonfiction that reads like a novel Literary
vicinage district, region or neighborhood Place
wereman male of the species of man, husband General
wilderness large tract of land in its natural state Geography
woman female of the species of man, wife of man General

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