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100 Cans Painting
200 Soup Cans Painting
A Country Home Painting
A Woman in the Sun Painting
Abstract Painting Diptych Painting
Agbatana II Painting
Aline and Valcour Painting
American Landscape Etching
American Village Painting
Apartment Houses, East River Painting
Approaching a City Painting
Apres-midi de juin Painting
Arachidic Acid Painting
Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist's Mother Painting
Art Painting
August in the City Painting
Automat Painting
Autumn Rhythm Painting
Beta Lambda Painting
Birthday Painting
Black Sea Painting
Blackhead, Monhegan Painting
Blue Poles, Number 11, 1952 Painting
Bridle Path Painting
Cabalistic Painting Painting
Camels (painting) Painting
Cape Cod Afternoon Painting
Cape Cod Evening Painting
Cape Cod Morning Painting
Captain Upton's House Painting
Carnation Lily Lily Rose Painting
Chair Car Painting
Chief Painting
Chop Suey Painting
Christina's World Painting
City of Detroit III Gothic Room Ornamental Finish
City Sunlight Painting
Claude Monet Painting by the Edge of a Wood Painting
Coast Guard Station Painting
Cobb's Barns, South Truro Painting
Cockaigne Painting
Color Totem Painting
Compartiment C, Car 193 Painting
Composition, 1943 Painting
Conference at Night Painting
Convergence Painting
Corn Hill Painting
Couples Painting
Cow Painting
Croquet Players Painting
Dauphinee House Painting
Dawn in Pennsylvania Painting
de Kooning: An American Master (book) Biography
Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton (painting) Painting
Delaware Crossing Painting
Drinka Pinta Milka Painting
Drug Store Painting
E VIII, SFP71-14 Painting
Early Sunday Morning Painting
East Side Interior Etching
East Wind Over Weehawken Painting
Eight Bells Painting
El Palacio Painting
Elegy to the Spanish Republic, 108 Painting
Excursion into Philosophy Painting
First Row Orchestra Painting
First Toothpaste Painting
Flag (1954-55) Painting
Flowers Painting
Forget it! Forget me! Painting
Four Lane Road Painting
Frederick Law Olmsted Painting
From Williamsburg Bridge Painting
Fur Traders Descending the Missouri Painting
Gas Painting
Gears Painting
George Washington (Lansdowne) Painting
Girl at Sewing Machine Painting
Give'em an Inch and They'll Take a Foot Painting
Greenfield Painting
Ground Swell Painting
Harmony in My Head Painting
Haystack Painting
High Noon Painting
High Road Painting
Hills, South Truro Painting
Honeymoon Nude Painting
Hotel by a Railroad Painting
Hotel Lobby Painting
Hotel Room Painting
Hotel Window Painting
House at Dusk Painting
House by the Railroad Painting
House in Provincetown Painting
House Tops Etching
Ice Cream Cavern Painting
Intermission Painting
Isabella Stewart Gardner Painting
Jackpot Machine Painting
Jackson Pollock: An American Saga (book) Biography
Jimson Weed Painting
Jo in Wyoming Painting
Jo Painting Painting
Keith (From Gimme Shelter) Painting
Keying Up - The Court Jester
Knights Not Nights Painting
Lady Agnew of Lochnaw Painting
Lady at the Tea Table Painting
Le Gros Painting
Le pavillon de Flore Painting
Le Pont Royal Painting
Le Quai des Grands Augustins Painting
Leda and the Swan (Twombly) Painting
Les lavoirs a Pont Royal Painting
Lighthouse Hill Painting
Lock Painting
Long Island Farmhouse Painting
Macomb's Dam Bridge Painting
Madame X Painting
Manhattan Bridge Loop Painting
Map Painting
Mingus in Mexico Painting
Morning in a City Painting
Morning Sun Painting
Mouth of Pamet River-Fall Tide Painting
Mr and Mrs Ralph Izard Painting
New York Movie Painting
New York Office Painting
New York, New Haven and Hartford Painting
Niagara Falls, from the American Side Painting
Night on the El Train Etching
Night Shadows Etching
Night Windows Painting
Nighthawks Painting
Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket Painting
Nocturne: Blue and Silver-Chelsea Painting
Nude Series VII Painting
Number 1 Painting
Ocean Park No 27 Painting
Ocean Park No 79 Painting
Office at Night Painting
Office in a Small City Painting
One: Number 31 Painting
Orange and Black Wall Painting
Orange and Yellow Painting
Pad No 4 Painting
Painter and Model Painting
Panel from the E Rothschild Building, Chicago Ornament
Panel from Western Methodist Book Concern Building, Chicago Ceramic Tile
Passing Painting
Pennsylvania Coal Town Painting
Pennsylvania Station Excavation Painting
People in the Sun Painting
Portrait of Orleans Painting
Queensborough Bridge Painting
Railroad Crossing Painting
Railroad Sunset Painting
Ranch House, Santa Fe Painting
Road in Maine Painting
Robert Hooper (painting) Painting
Room in New York Painting
Rooms by the Sea Painting
Rooms for Tourists Painting
Russet Painting
Scoville Building Terracotta Fragments Sculpture
Sea Watchers Painting
Second Story Sunlight Painting
Self Portrait, 1997 (Chuck Close) Painting
Self-Portrait Painting
Seven AM Painting
Shopping Painting
Sleeping Child Painting
Snap the Whip Painting
Soir bleu Painting
Solitude Painting
South Carolina Morning Painting
Squam Light Painting
Stairway Painting
Stairways Painting
Standard Station, Amarillo, Texas Screenprint
Street, New York I Painting
Summer Evening Painting
Summer Interior Painting
Summertime Painting
Sun in an Empty Room Painting
Sunday Painting
Sunlight in a Cafeteria Painting
Sunlight on Brownstones Painting
Tables for Ladies Painting
The Agnew Clinic Painting
The American Wild Turkey Cock Painting
The Ballroom Painting
The Bay Painting
The Champion Single Sculls Painting
The Circle Theater Painting
The City Painting
The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton, January 3, 1777 Painting
The Death of General Montgomery Painting
The Death of General Wolfe Painting
The El Station Painting
The Four Seasons: Spring Painting
The Friction Disappears Painting
The Friend's Room Painting
The Lee Shore Painting
The Lighthouse at Two Lights Painting
The Locomotive Etching
The Lonely House Etching
The Long Leg Painting
The Mansard Roof Painting
The Muses Painting
The Neo Cubist Painting
The New York Restaurant Painting
The Parade Painting
The Sheridan Theater Painting
The Skater (Portrait of William Grant) Painting
The Wine Shop Painting
Theodore Roosevelt (Sargent painting) Painting
Three Boys in a Dory Painting
Two Comedians Painting
Untitled Painting
Untitled Painting
Vir Heroicus Sublimis Painting
Washington at Dorchester Heights (painting) Painting
Washington Crossing the Delaware, by Larry Rivers Painting
Watson and the Shark Painting
Wawona Sculpture
West Interior Painting
Western Motel Painting
White River at Sharon Painting
Woman Reading Painting


Redlin Art Center
MFA Boston Boston
Whitney Museum of American Art New York City
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Boston
Art Institute of Chicago Chicago
The Met Fifth Avenue, NYC New York City
Brooklyn Museum
  • NRHP
New York City
Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, NYC New York City
The Museum of Modern Art New York City
The Huntington
San Marino
Des Moines Art Center
  • NRHP
Des Moines
The Phillips Collection
  • NRHP
Washington, DC
The Corcoran Washington, DC
Albright-Knox Art Gallery
  • NRHP
Buffalo, NY
Dayton Art Institute
  • NRHP
Dayton, OH
Delaware Art Museum
Wilmington, DE


Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Reinhardt: Ad Reinhardt
Katz: Alex Katz
Wheeler: Amy Wheeler
Wyeth: Andrew Wyeth
Warhol: Andy Warhol
Newman: Barnett Newman
West: Benjamin West
Marden: Brice Marden
Close: Chuck Close
Twombly: Cy Twombly
Hirst: Damien Hirst
Salle: David Salle
Boshier: Derek Boshier
Tanning: Dorothea Tanning
Hopper: Edward Hopper
Ruscha: Edward Ruscha
Peyton: Elizabeth Peyton
Pape: Eric Pape
Stella: Frank Stella
Kline: Franz Kline
Church: Frederic E Church
Bellows: George Bellows
Bingham: George Caleb Bingham
O'Keefe: Georgia Totto O'Keefe
Stuart: Gilbert Stuart
Frankenthaler: Helen Frankenthaler
Essenhigh: Inka Essenhigh
Pollock: Jackson Pollock
Whistler: James McNeill Whistler
Rosenquist: James Rosenquist
Johns: Jasper Johns
Alexander: John Alexander
Currin: John Currin
Sargent: John Singer Sargent
Copley: John Singleton Copley
Trumbull: John Trumbull (artist)
Schnabel: Julian Schnabel
Rivers: Larry Rivers
Krasner: Lee Krasner
Ray: Man Ray
Pinto: Marion Pinto
Rothko: Mark Rothko
Cassatt: Mary Stevenson Cassatt
Saunders: Matt Saunders
Louis: Morris Louis
Guston: Philip Guston
Kitaj: R B Kitaj
Diebenkorn: Richard Diebenkorn
Motherwell: Robert Motherwell
Rauschenberg: Robert Rauschenberg
Bleckner: Ross Bleckner
Lichtenstein: Roy Lichtenstein
Francis: Sam Francis
Davis: Stuart Davis
Rothenberg: Susan Rothenberg
Eakins: Thomas Eakins
Benton: Thomas Hart Benton (painter)
Hancock: Trenton Doyle Hancock
Desiderio: Vincent Desiderio
Thiebaud: Wayne Thiebaud
Barnet: Will Barnet
Cotton: Will Cotton
Chase: William Merritt Chase
Homer: Winslow Homer

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