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100 Years Ago Painting
1000 Thread Count Painting
A Bigger Splash Painting
A Converted British Family Sheltering a Christian Priest from the Persecution of the Druids Painting
A Youth Among Roses Painting
American Girl and Doll Painting
Autumn Leaves Painting
Baby Giant Painting
Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon Painting
Brighton Beach with Colliers Painting
Butcher's Shop No 1 Painting
Cadmium with Violet, Scarlet, Emerald, Lemon and Venetian: 1969 Painting
Captain Thomas Lee Painting
Celia and her Heroes Painting
Chance and Order 5 Painting
Chicken Boy Painting
Chirk Aqueduct Painting
Christ at Emmaus Painting
Christ at the Pool of Bethesda Painting
Crossing the Sands Painting
Cupid as Link Boy Painting
David Hume (painting) Painting
Ebony and Blue Painting
Experiment with a Bird in an Air Pump Painting
Flat Pack Rothmans Painting
Flower Chucker Painting
Fortune's Well, Portland Painting
Francis Bacon (painting) Painting
Girl with Roses Painting
Half-Brothers Painting
Hambletonian Rubbing Down Painting
Harbour Window with Two Figures, St Ives: July 1950 Painting
Holborn Circus, London, 1947, with Bomb Damage Painting
I'm in the Mood for Love Painting
Interior at Paddington Painting
Is it a Tart or is it Ayers Rock Painting
Isabella Painting
Izzy Orts Painting
John Campbell, 4th Duke of Argyll Painting
Landscape with Repose of the Holy Family Painting
Lion: A Newfoundland Dog Painting
Man Woman Painting
Map Reading Painting
Monarch of the Glen Painting
Mornington Crescent Painting
Mr and Mrs Andrews Painting
Mr and Mrs Clarke and Percy Painting
Mrs Richard Brinsley Sheridan Painting
Mrs Richard Brinsley Sheridan as Saint Cecilia Painting
Mrs Siddons as the Tragic Muse Painting
Nocturnal Landscape Painting
Nude Woman Painting
On the Edge of Night Painting
Ophelia Painting
Outcast Coal Production: Dragline Depositing Excavated Earth Painting
Pencerrig Painting
Phosphorus and Hesperus Painting
Pinkie Painting
Poole Harbour Painting
Portrait Group Painting
Portrait of Miss Evans Painting
Poured Lines: Light Orange, Blue, Yellow, Dark Green and Orange Painting
Proserpine Painting
Red and White Still Life Painting
Red Bermudas Painting
River Scene with Steamboat Painting
Road to Zenica Painting
Robert Burns Painting
Seashore with Boats Painting
Self Portrait, 1804 (David Wilkie) Painting
Shortly after the Marriage Painting
Sir James MacDonald and Sir Alexander MacDonald Painting
Sir James Matthew Barrie Painting
Sir Walter Scott (painting) Painting
Small Naked Portrait Painting
Snow Storm-Steamboat off a Harbour's Mouth Painting
SS Amsterdam in Front of Rotterdam Painting
Sun Rising through Vapour: Fishermen Cleaning and Selling Fish Painting
Swan Upping at Cookham Painting
Table Manners Painting
The Archer Painting
The Artist in Her Room in Paris Painting
The Awakening Conscience Painting
The Blacker Gachet I Painting
The Blue Boy Painting
The Brown Boy Painting
The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, October 16, 1834 Painting
The Citizen Painting
The Death of Nelson Painting
The Doctor Painting
The Execution of Beloyannis Painting
The Fighting Temeraire Tugged to Her Last Berth to Be Broken Up Painting
The Garden of Pan Painting
The Grand Canal Painting
The Hay Wain Painting
The Hip 100 Painting
The Holy Virgin Mary Painting
The Lady's Last Stake Painting
The Last of England Painting
The Lord Mayor's Reception Painting
The Railway Station Painting
The Rev Robert Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch Painting
The Scapegoat (Hunt painting) Painting
The School at Rome Painting
The Seaside Painting
The Shepherd Girl Painting
The Stonebreaker Painting
The Strand by Night Painting
Three Oncologists Painting
Two Boys in the Pool, Hollywood Painting
Untitled Painting
Untitled Painting
Untitled (Emergency Room) Painting
Untitled (Scoop) Painting
View of the Grande Galerie of the Louvre Painting
Whistlejacket Painting
Windsor Castle, North Terrace Painting
Woman Taking Off Man's Shirt in Two Stages Vinyl on wooden stretcher
Work Painting


Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Nasmyth: Alexander Nasmyth
Ramsay: Allan Ramsay
Jones: Allen Jones
Banksy: Banksy
Weight: Carel Weight
Brown: Cecily Brown
Richards: Ceri Richards
Ofili: Chris Ofili
Nevinson: Christopher R W Nevinson
Rossetti: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Austen: David Austen
Cox: David Cox
Hockney: David Hockney
Wilkie: David Wilkie
Forester: Denzil Forester
Burne-Jones: Edward Burne-Jones
Burra: Edward Burra
Wadsworth: Edward Wadsworth
Landseer: Edwin Landseer
Uglow: Euan Uglow
Morgan: Evelyn de Morgan
Rae: Fiona Rae
Brown: Ford Madox Brown
Romney: George Romney
Stubbs: George Stubbs
Spencer: Gilbert Spencer
Crowley: Graham Crowley
Sutherland: Graham Sutherland
John: Gwen John
Raeburn: Henry Raeburn
Wallis: Henry Wallis
Hodgkin: Howard Hodgkin
Davenport: Ian Davenport
Turner: J M W Turner
Saville: Jenny Saville
Constable: John Constable
Millais: John Everett Millais
Minton: John Minton
Cotman: John Sell Cotman
Wright: Joseph Wright of Derby
Opie: Julian Opie
Currie: Ken Currie
Martin: Kenneth Martin
Carrington: Leonora Carrington
Leighton: Lord Frederic Leighton
Freud: Lucian Freud
Fildes: Luke Fildes
Morley: Malcolm Morley
Gheeraerts: Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger
Alexander: Mark Alexander
Wallinger: Mark Wallinger
Andrews: Micheal Andrews
Hilliard: Nicholas Hilliard
Allan-Fraser: Patrick Allan-Fraser
Caulfield: Patrick Caulfield
Heron: Patrick Heron
Nash: Paul Nash
Sandby: Paul Sandby
Boty: Pauline Boty
Coker: Peter Coker
Davies: Peter Davies
Francia: Peter de Francia
Doig: Peter Doig
Howson: Peter Howson
Lanyon: Peter Lanyon
Argent: Philip Argent
Steer: Philip Wilson Steer
Hamilton: Richard Hamilton
Moynihan: Rodrigo Moynihan
Spear: Ruskin Spear
Palmer: Samuel Palmer
Spencer: Stanley Spencer
Farthing: Stephen Farthing
Gainsborough: Thomas Gainsborough
Girtin: Thomas Girtin
Jones: Thomas Jones
Lawrence: Thomas Lawrence
Sickert: Walter Richard Sickert
Hogarth: William Hogarth
Hunt: William Holman Hunt
Mosman: William Mosman
Nicholson: William Nicholson
Roberts: William Patrick Roberts
Frith: William Powell Frith
Lewis: Wyndham Lewis

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