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Adam and Eve Painting
Altarpiece of the Church Fathers Painting
Battle of Mailberg Painting
Fritza von Riedler Painting
Head of a Peasant Girl Painting
In the Souk Painting
Kaiser Franz Josef I of Austria in Uniform Painting
Landscape with Shepherds and Cows Painting
London, View of the Thames in the Evening Painting
Magnolia Painting
Mozart at the Pianoforte Painting
Old Elms in Prater Painting
Painting the Birds Painting
Park Restaurant Painting
Portrait of a Beardless Man Painting
Portrait of a Young Woman Painting
Portrait of Archduchess Elenora of Mantua Painting
Portrait of Emperor Maximillian I Painting
Self Portrait with Gloves Painting
Side Portal of Como Cathedral Painting
The Bay of Naples, Seen from Chiaja Painting
The Drowsy One Painting
The embrace (painting) Painting
The Island in the Tiber Painting
The Kiss (Klimt painting) Painting
The Knight's Dream Painting
The Morning Hour Painting
The Suez Canal Painting
The White Stallion 'Leal' En Levade Painting
Vanity Painting
View of the Grossglockner Mountain (painting) Painting
Woman in a Yellow Dress Painting
Woman Undressing Painting
Young Hare Painting


Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Rieger: Albert Rieger
Durer: Albrecht Durer
Macke: August Macke
Strigel: Bernhard Strigel
Schiele: Egon Schiele
Waldmuller: Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller
Dvorak: Frans Dvorak
Stirnbrand: Franz Seraph Stirnbrand
Amerling: Friedrich von Amerling
Wittel: Gaspar van Wittel
Klimt: Gustav Klimt
Maler: Hans Maler
Part: Hans Part
Hamilton: J G Hamilton
Seisenegger: Jacob Seisenegger
Koch: Joseph Anton Koch
Lange: Joseph Lange
Rebell: Joseph Rebell
Blaas: Karl von Blaas
Pernhart: Marcus Pernhart
Kurzweil: Max Kurzweil
Pacher: Michael Pacher
Schwind: Moritz Ludwig von Schwind
Stifter: Moritz Stifter
Kokoschka: Oskar Kokoschka
Frederich: Otto Frederich
Mauch: Richard Mauch
von Alt: Rudolph von Alt
List: Wilhelm List
Leibl: Wllhelm Leibl

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