Tag: Thriller

Category: Narrative Arts


"A" is for Alibi Novel
A Time to Kill: A Novel Novel
All the President's Men (film) Film
And Then There Were None (Christie book) Novel
Angel Face Film
Bad Day at Black Rock Film
Brighton Rock Book
Dance Hall of the Dead Novel
Fatal Attraction Film
Frenzy Film
Funny Games Film
Gaslight (film) Film
Get Carter Film
Jaws Film
Marnie Film
Memento Film
North By Northwest (film) Film
Notorious Film
Odd Man Out (film) Film
Open Your Eyes Film
Peeping Tom Film
Pi Film
Psycho (Hitchcock Film) Film
Rear Window (film) Film
Rogue Male (book) Novel
Rope Film
Sabotage Film
Se7en Film
Secret Beyond the Door Film
Shadow of a Doubt (film) Film
Shoot the Piano Player Film
Sleeping Dogs (film) Film
Spellbound Film
Strangers on a Train (book) Novel
Strangers on a Train (film) Film
Surfacing (book) Novel
The 39 Steps (film) Film
The American Friend Film
The Butcher Film
The Conversation Film
The Crying Game Film
The Fallen Idol (film) Film
The Godson Film
The Interpreter Film
The Magus (book) Book
The Man in the Brown Suit (book) Novel
The Manchurian Candidate (book) Novel
The Manchurian Candidate (film) Film
The Mask of Dimitrios Novel
The Rose of Tibet Novel
The Scapegoat (Du Maurier book) Book
The Secret Adversary (book) Novel
The Silence of the Lambs Film
The Talented Mr Ripley Novel
The Third Man Film
The Thirty-Nine Steps (book) Novel
Three Days of the Condor Film
Vertigo Film
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (film) Film
Z Film

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