Tag: Vampire

Category: Folklore


Allies of the Night Book
Bram Stoker's Dracula Film
Carmilla (LeFanu story) Mezzobula
Cirque du Freak Book
Dracula (1931 Spanish-language film) Film
Dracula (book) Book
Dracula (film 1931) Film
Dracula (film 1958) Film
For The Blood Is The Life (short story) Short Story
Good Lady Ducayne (Short Story) Short Story
Hunters of the Dusk Book
Interview With a Vampire (book) Book
John Barrington Cowles (Short Story) Short Story
Killers of the Dawn Book
Let the Right One In Film
Lord of the Shadows Book
Mrs Amworth (short story) Short Story
Nosferatu, a Symphony of Terror Film
Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht Film
So Runs The World Away (short story) Short Story
Sons of Destiny Book
The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire (short story) Short Story
The Lake of Souls Book
The Parasite (Short Story) Short Story
The Saga of Darren Shan Book
The Secrets of Dr Taverner (short story collection) Short Story Collection
The Singular Death of Morton (short story) Short Story
The Tomb of Sarah (short story) Short Story
The Transfer (short story) Short Story
The Vampire Maid (short story) Short Story
The Vampire Prince (book) Book
The Vampire's Assistant Book
Trials of Death Book
Tunnels of Blood Book
Twilight (Meyer book) Novel
Vampire Mountain Book
Vampyr (film) Film


Dracula's Castle Bran
Carpathian Mountains
Exeter, RI
Rhode Island

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