Tag: Mezzobula

Category: Narrative Arts

From the Italian: mezzo "medium" plus the Latin fabula "story". Also could be described as novelette or novella, mezzobula is a medium form of fiction narrative that is too long to be a short story and too short to be a novel. - AsNotedIn


1101 Park Avenue (book) Mezzobula
A Boy and His Dog (mezzobula) Mezzobula
A Christmas Carol (book) Mezzobula
Amok (Zweig book) Mezzobula
Animal Farm (book) Mezzobula
Billy Budd (book) Mezzobula
Blockade Billy (book) Mezzobula
Breakfast at Tiffany's (book) Mezzobula
Bunner Sisters Mezzobula
By His Bootstraps (book) Mezzobula
Carmilla (LeFanu story) Mezzobula
Castle Rackrent (book) Mezzobula
Chess Story (Royal Game) Mezzobula
Closely Watched Trains (book) Mezzobula
Confusion of Feelings (book) Mezzobula
Covering End (book) Mezzobula
Cycle of the Werewolf (book) Mezzobula
Daisy Miller (book) Mezzobula
Dead Man's Mirror (mezzobula) Mezzobula
Death in Venice (book) Mezzobula
Don't Look Now (book) Book
Ehrengard (mezzobula) Mezzobula
Ethan Frome (book) Mezzobula
Fast and Loose (Wharton book) Mezzobula
For Your Eyes Only (mezzobula) Mezzobula
Goodbye, Columbus (book) Mezzobula
Heart of Darkness (book) Mezzobula
Hercule Poirot And The Greenshore Folly (book) Mezzobula
Lord Beaupre (book) Mezzobula
Madame de Treymes Mezzobula
Maggie: A Girl of the Streets (book) Mezzobula
Max Hensig (book) Mezzobula
May Day (book) Mezzobula
Monsieur Maurice (book) Mezzobula
Murder in the Mews (mezzobula) Mezzobula
Noon Wine (mezzobula) Mezzobula
Of Mice and Men (book) Mezzobula
Old Man and the Sea (book) Mezzobula
Old Mortality (mezzobula) Mezzobula
Pale Horse, Pale Rider (mezzobula) Mezzobula
Pierre et Jean Mezzobula
Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption (book) Mezzobula
Sanctuary (Wharton book) Mezzobula
The Aspern Papers (book) Mezzobula
The Beast in the Jungle Mezzobula
The Birds (du Maurier book) Mezzobula
The Creatures That Time Forgot (mezzobula) Mezzobula
The Croxley Master: A Great Tale of the Prize Ring (Mezzobula) Mezzobula
The Cruise of the Dazzler Mezzobula
The Death of Ivan Ilyich Mezzobula
The Diamond as Big as the Ritz (book) Mezzobula
The Figure in the Carpet Mezzobula
The Little Prince Mezzobula
The Little Sisters of Eluria (book) Mezzobula
The Lost Boy (Wolfe book) Mezzobula
The Marne (book) Mezzobula
The Metamorphosis (book) Mezzobula
The Mist (book) Mezzobula
The Pale Brown Thing (mezzobula) Mezzobula
The Red Pony (book) Mezzobula
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (book) Mezzobula
The Whisperer in Darkness Mezzobula
The Willows (book) Mezzobula
To Each His Own (book) Mezzobula
Unspoiled Monsters (book) Mezzobula
Zooey (mezzobula) Mezzobula

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