Tag: Psychological Thrills

Category: Narrative Arts


A Dark-Adapted Eye Novel
And Then There Were None (Christie book) Novel
Apt Pupil (King story) Novel
Black Narcissus Film
Don't Look Now Film
Don't Look Now (book) Book
Enduring Love Book
Frenzy Film
Heavenly Creatures Film
Jacob's Ladder Film
Marnie Film
Peeping Tom Film
Philomel Cottage (short story) Short Story
Psycho (Hitchcock Film) Film
Repulsion Film
Ripley Under Ground (book) Novel
Secret Beyond the Door Film
Spellbound Film
Strangers on a Train (book) Novel
The Beast in the Jungle Mezzobula
The Black Cat Short Story
The Black Cat Film
The Blair Witch Project (film) Film
The Haunting Film
The Haunting of Hill House Book
The Innocents (1961 film) Film
The Institute (Stephen King Book) Novel
The Magus (book) Book
The Mirror (book) Book
The Secret Agent Book
The Shining (book) Book
The Shining (film) Film
The Silence of the Lambs Film
The Time Machine Book
The Turn of the Screw (book) Novella
Wieland (Book) Novel

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