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A Hoosier Holiday Book
A Motor-Flight Through France Book
A Ride Through Spain (travel article) Article
A Time of Gifts (book) Travelogue
A Tramp Abroad Book
A Traveler at Forty Book
American Notes Book
An Account of Corsica (book) Travelogue
Au soleil (book) Travelogue
Black Lamb and Grey Falcon (book) Travelogue
Brooklyn (travel article) Article
Cape Cod (Thoreau book) Book
China Along the Yellow River (book) Travelogue
Danube: A Sentimental Journey from the Source to the Black Sea (book) Travelogue
Following the Equator Book
Haiti (travel article) Article
Hollywood (travel article) Article
In Morocco Travelogue
Ischia (travel article) Article
Italian Hours (book) Travelogue
La Vie errante (book) Travelogue
Life on the Mississippi Book
Local Color (essays) Travelogue
New Orleans (travel article) Article
New York City (travel article) Article
Passage to Juneau (book) Travelogue
Portraits of Places Book
Roughing It (book) Book
Southerners: A Journalist's Odyssey (book) Travelogue
Sur l'eau (book) Travelogue
Tangier (travel article) Article
The Innocents Abroad Book
The Muses Are Heard (book) Article
The Rings of Saturn (book) Travelogue
The Travels of Ibn Battuta (book) Travelogue
Three Men in a Boat Book
Thrilling Cities (travel articles) Travelogue
To Europe (travel article) Article
Transatlantic Sketches Book
Travels in New England and New York (book) Travelogue
Venice (book) Travelogue
Wandering Through Winter (book) Travelogue
Westminster Abbey (literary sketch) Written sketch

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