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White House Executive Residence
The White House
William J Clinton Presidential Center and Park
Little Rock
George Bush Presidential Library
College Station
The White House Washington, DC
John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
  • NRHP
Home of Franklin D Roosevelt National Historic Site Hyde Park, NY
Custer State Game Lodge
  • NRHP
Custer State Park
Camp Hoover Shenandoah National Park
John and Elvira Doud House
  • NRHP
The Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs
Top Cottage Hyde Park, NY
Kennedy Compound Barnstable


Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln
Jackson: Andrew Jackson
Johnson: Andrew Johnson
Obama: Barack Obama
Harrison: Benjamin Harrison
Coolidge: Calvin Coolidge
Arthur: Chester Alan Arthur
Trump: Donald J Trump
Eisenhower: Dwight D Eisenhower
Roosevelt: Franklin D Roosevelt
Pierce: Franklin Pierce
Bush: George H W Bush
Bush: George W Bush
Washington: George Washington
Ford: Gerald R Ford
Cleveland: Grover Cleveland
Truman: Harry S Truman
Hoover: Herbert Hoover
Garfield: James A Garfield
Buchanan: James Buchanan
Polk: James Knox Polk
Madison: James Madison
Monroe: James Monroe
Carter: Jimmy Carter
Adams: John Adams
Kennedy: John F Kennedy
Adams: John Quincy Adams
Tyler: John Tyler
Johnson: Lyndon Baynes Johnson
Van Buren: Martin Van Buren
Fillmore: Millard Fillmore
Nixon: Richard M Nixon
Reagan: Ronald Reagan
Hayes: Rutherford B Hayes
Roosevelt: Theodore Roosevelt
Jefferson: Thomas Jefferson
Grant: Ulysses S Grant
Executive Branch: United States Executive Branch
Harding: Warren G Harding
Harrison: William Henry Harrison
Taft: William Howard Taft
Clinton: William Jefferson Clinton
McKinley: William McKinley
Wilson: Woodrow Wilson
Taylor: Zachary Taylor


US Presidential Libraries
US Presidential Retreats

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