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Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Burns: Robert Burns
Byron: Lord Byron
Dickinson: Emily Dickinson
Frost: Robert Frost
Hardy: Thomas Hardy
Holmes: Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr
Longfellow: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Poe: Edgar Allan Poe
Pound: Ezra Pound
Shakespeare: William Shakespeare
Tennyson: Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Whitman: Walt Whitman
Yeats: William Butler Yeats


Emily Dickinson House Amherst, MA Massachusetts
Keats House
  • ELB 1
Hampstead Greater London
Keats-Shelley Memorial House
Rome Lazio


A Child's Christmas in Wales (story) Dylan Thomas
A Funeral Elegy for Master William Peter
A Lover's Complaint (poem)
William Shakespeare
A Visit from St Nicholas Clement Clarke Moore
Alcools Guillaume Apollinaire
Annabel Lee Edgar Allan Poe
Capital of Pain Paul Eluard
Carmina Burana (12th C)
Chicago (poem) Carl Sandburg
Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802 William Wordsworth
Don Juan (poem) Lord Byron
Dover Beach (poem) Matthew Arnold
Eugene Onegin Alexander Pushkin
For the Union Dead (book)
Robert Lowell
Forsaking All Others (book)
Alice Duer Miller
Furor and Mystery Rene Char
Gypsy Ballads Federico Garcia Lorca
Leaves of Grass (book) Walt Whitman
Leda and the Swan (poem) William Butler Yeats
Louise Bogan: A Portrait (book) Elizabeth Frank
Mortality William Knox
O Captain! My Captain! (poem) Walt Whitman
Ode to a Nightingale John Keats
Oh, the Places You'll Go! Dr Seuss
Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats T S Eliot
Paroles Jacques Prevert
Paul Revere's Ride (poem) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Sailing to Byzantium William Butler Yeats
Shake-Speares Sonnets
William Shakespeare
Song of Myself Walt Whitman
Sonnet 001
Sonnet 002
Sonnet 003
Sonnet 004
Sonnet 005
Sonnet 006
Sonnet 007
Sonnet 008
Sonnet 009
Sonnet 010
Sonnet 011
Sonnet 012
Sonnet 013
Sonnet 014
Sonnet 015
Sonnet 016
Sonnet 017
Sonnet 018
Sonnet 019
Sonnet 020
Sonnet 021
Sonnet 022
Sonnet 023
Sonnet 024
Sonnet 025
Sonnet 026
Sonnet 027
Sonnet 028
Sonnet 029
Sonnet 030
Sonnet 031
Sonnet 032
Sonnet 033
Sonnet 034
Sonnet 035
Sonnet 036
Sonnet 037
Sonnet 038
Sonnet 039
Sonnet 040
Sonnet 041
Sonnet 042
Sonnet 043
Sonnet 044
Sonnet 045
Sonnet 046
Sonnet 047
Sonnet 048
Sonnet 049
Sonnet 050
Sonnet 051
Sonnet 052
Sonnet 053
Sonnet 054
Sonnet 055
Sonnet 056
Sonnet 057
Sonnet 058
Sonnet 059
Sonnet 060
Sonnet 061
Sonnet 062
Sonnet 063
Sonnet 064
Sonnet 065
Sonnet 066
Sonnet 067
Sonnet 068
Sonnet 069
Sonnet 070
Sonnet 071
Sonnet 072
Sonnet 073
Sonnet 074
Sonnet 075
Sonnet 076
Sonnet 077
Sonnet 078
Sonnet 079
Sonnet 080
Sonnet 081
Sonnet 082
Sonnet 083
Sonnet 084
Sonnet 085
Sonnet 086
Sonnet 087
Sonnet 088
Sonnet 089
Sonnet 090
Sonnet 091
Sonnet 092
Sonnet 093
Sonnet 094
Sonnet 095
Sonnet 096
Sonnet 097
Sonnet 098
Sonnet 099
Sonnet 100
Sonnet 101
Sonnet 102
Sonnet 103
Sonnet 104
Sonnet 105
Sonnet 106
Sonnet 107
Sonnet 108
Sonnet 109
Sonnet 110
Sonnet 111
Sonnet 112
Sonnet 113
Sonnet 114
Sonnet 115
Sonnet 116
Sonnet 117
Sonnet 118
Sonnet 119
Sonnet 120
Sonnet 121
Sonnet 122
Sonnet 123
Sonnet 124
Sonnet 125
Sonnet 126
Sonnet 127
Sonnet 128
Sonnet 129
Sonnet 130
Sonnet 131
Sonnet 132
Sonnet 133
Sonnet 134
Sonnet 135
Sonnet 136
Sonnet 137
Sonnet 138
Sonnet 139
Sonnet 140
Sonnet 141
Sonnet 142
Sonnet 143
Sonnet 144
Sonnet 145
Sonnet 146
Sonnet 147
Sonnet 148
Sonnet 149
Sonnet 150
Sonnet 151
Sonnet 152
Sonnet 153
Sonnet 154
Tales of a Wayside Inn (book)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The Bells
Edgar Allan Poe
The Cat in the Hat Dr Seuss
The Darkling Thrush (poem) Thomas Hardy
The Garden (Ezra Pound poem) Ezra Pound
The Lake Isle of Innisfree William Butler Yeats
The Last Leaf (Holmes poem) Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr
The Listeners (poem) Walter de la Mare
The New Colossus (poem)
The Pied Piper of Hamelin (poem) Robert Browning
The Prelude or, Growth of a Poet's Mind An Autobiographical Poem William Wordsworth
The Rape of Lucrece
The Raven (poem) Edgar Allan Poe
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Gill Scott-Heron
The White Cliffs (book) Alice Duer Miller
The Wreck of the Deutschland Gerard Manley Hopkins
The Wreck of the Hesperus Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
This Side of Paradise (book)
F Scott Fitzgerald
Time Is (poem) Henry van Dyke
To an Island Princess
Robert Louis Stevenson
Ulysses (poem) Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Upon Learning That a Town Exists Called Upperville
John Updike
Venus and Adonis (Shakespeare poem) William Shakespeare
When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd Walt Whitman

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