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Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Last Name Name AsNotedIn
10th Mountain Division: US Army - 10th Mountain Division
3rd Regiment California Volunteer Infantry: 3rd Regiment California Volunteer Infantry
3rd Virginia Regiment: 3rd Virginia Regiment
45th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment: 45th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Afrika Korps: Afrika Korps
Alaska Department of Natural Resources: Alaska Department of Natural Resources
American Red Cross Ambulance Service - WWI: American Red Cross Ambulance Service - WWI
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts: Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts
Boston Naval Shipwrights: Boston Naval Shipwrights
British Army: British Army
British Broadcasting Corporation: British Broadcasting Corporation
British Navy: British Royal Navy
CA Department of Parks and Recreation: California Department of Parks and Recreation
California Department of Public Works: California Department of Public Works
California Division of the State Architect: California Division of the State Architect
Central Intelligence Agency: Central Intelligence Agency
Civilian Conservation Corps: Civilian Conservation Corps
Colorado Department of Highways: Colorado Department of Highways
Confederate States Army: Confederate States Army
Confederate States Navy: Confederate States Navy
Confederate States of America: Confederate States of America
Confederate States of America Armed Forces: Confederate States of America Armed Forces
Continental Army: Continental Army
Continental Navy: Continental Navy
Cornwallis: Charles Cornwallis
Corps of Topographical Engineers: Corps of Topographical Engineers
Culper Ring: Culper Ring
East German Navy: East German Navy
Elwha River CCC Camp: Elwha River CCC Camp
Emory-Salazar Commission: Emory-Salazar Commission
European Commission: European Commission
Executive Branch: United States Executive Branch
First Motion Picture Unit: First Motion Picture Unit
Florida State Park Service: Florida State Park Service
Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources: Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources
Historic England: Historic England
Isthmian Canal Commission: Isthmian Canal Commission
Japanese Navy: Japanese Navy
Jefferson: Martha Jefferson Randolph
Kentucky Historical Society: Kentucky Historical Society
KY Department of Parks: Kentucky Department of Parks
Legion of the United States: Legion of the United States
Library of Congress: Library of Congress
Magellan's expedition: Magellan's expedition
Mare Island Naval Shipwrights: Mare Island Naval Shipwrights
Massachusetts Colony Militia: Massachusetts Colony Militia
Michigan State Highway Department: Michigan State Highway Dept
Minnesota Highway Department: Minnesota Highway Department
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks: Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
National Historic Ships UK: National Historic Ships UK
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Youth Administration: National Youth Administration
New Hampshire Militia: New Hampshire Militia
New Jersey Militia: New Jersey Militia
New York Militia: New York Militia
New York Naval Shipwrights: New York Naval Shipwrights
New York Public Library: New York Public Library
NH Department of Resources and Economic Development: NH Department of Resources and Economic Development
Norfolk Naval Shipwrights: Norfolk Naval Shipwrights
Office of Indian Affairs: Office of Indian Affairs
Office of Strategic Services: Office of Strategic Services
Office of the Supervising Architect: Office of the Supervising Architect
Parliament of Great Britain: Parliament of Great Britain
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources: Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Philadelphia Board of Education: Philadelphia Board of Education
Philadelphia Naval Yard Shipwrights: Philadelphia Naval Shipwrights
Portsmouth Naval Shipwrights: Portsmouth Naval Shipwrights
Public Works Administration: Public Works Administration
Randolph: William Randolph of Tuckahoe
Rough Riders: Rough Riders
South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism: South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism
South Carolina Militia: South Carolina Militia
State of California: State of California
State of Colorado: State of Colorado
State of Minnesota: State of Minnesota
State of Montana: State of Montana
Tennessee Dept of Environment and Conservation: Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Towers: John H Towers
Union Army: Union Army
United States Air Force: United States Air Force
United States Armed Forces: United States Armed Forces
United States Army: United States Army
United States Army Air Service: United States Army Air Service
United States Congress: United States Congress
United States Department of Agriculture: United States Department of Agriculture
United States Federal Government: United States Federal Government
United States Navy: United States Navy
US Army Air Corps: United States Army Air Corps
US Army Air Corps, Corp of Engineer: US Army Air Corps, Corp of Engineer
US Army Corps of Engineer: US Army Corps of Engineer
US Army Signal Corps: US Army Signal Corps
US Army, Bureau of Prisons: US Army, Bureau of Prisons
US Army, Quartermaster Corps: US Army, Quartermaster Corps
US Army, War Relocation Authority: US Army, War Relocation Authority
US Bureau of Indian Affairs: US Bureau of Indian Affairs
US Bureau Of Land Management: US Bureau Of Land Management
US Bureau of Reclamation: US Bureau of Reclamation
US Coast Guard: US Coast Guard
US Colored Troops: United States Colored Troops
US Department of Commerce: US Department of Commerce
US Department of the Interior: United States Department of the Interior
US Fish and Wildlife Service: US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Forest Service: US Forest Service
US Forest Service Architecture Group: US Forest Service Architecture Group
US National Park Service: US National Park Service
US Navy Bureau of Ships: US Navy Bureau of Ships
US Navy Bureau of Yards and Docks: US Navy Bureau of Yards and Docks
US Navy Seabees: US Navy Seabees
US Resettlement Administration: US Resettlement Administration
US Treasury: United States Dept of the Treasury
Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation: Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
Virginia Department of Transpotation: Virginia Department of Transpotation
Virginia House of Burgesses: Virginia House of Burgesses
Virginia Militia: Virginia Militia
Voluntary Aid Detachment: Voluntary Aid Detachment
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
Watervliet Arsenal: Watervliet Arsenal
Wisconsin DNR: Wisconsin DNR
Works Progress Administration: Works Progress Administration (WPA)

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