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10th Academy Awards
1775 American Revolution - The War Begins
1776 American Revolution - The Early Stages
1778 American Revolutionary - Britain Invades The South
1778 France Enters the American Revolution
1781 American Revolution - After Yorktown
1793 Yellow Fever Epidemic
1889 Exposition Universelle
1900 Exposition Universelle
1901 Pan-American Exposition
1933 Long Beach Earthquake
45th Academy Awards
5th Academy Awards
A Century of Progress International Exposition
Aaron Burr Conspiracy
Amelia Earhart's World Flight
American Colonies Declare Independence from Great Britain
American Revolution - From Protest to Revolt
American Women's Suffrage
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Attack on Pearl Harbor
Aviation Spans the Atlantic
Bacon's Rebellion
Battle of Antietam
Battle of Bladensburg
Battle of Brandywine
Battle of Chancellorsville
Battle of Dutch Harbor
Battle of Franklin
Battle of Fredericksburg
Battle of Hampton Roads
Battle of Long Island
Battle of Midway
Battle of Missionary Ridge
Battle of Perryville
Battle of Princeton
Battle of Richmond 1862
Battle of Saratoga
Battle of the Atlantic
Battle of the Somme
Battle of the Wilderness
Birth of Naval Aviation
Boston Tea Party
Buddy Holly and the Crickets Final UK Tour
Building the Panama Canal
Capote's Black and White Ball
Capture of USS Chesapeake
Centennial Exposition
Century 21 Exposition
Charles Dickens' 1867 Tour of America
Charleston's Great Fire of 1861
Christopher Columbus' Second voyage to the New World
Commonwealth v Richard Randolph
Compromise of 1850
Cooper Union Speech
Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
Cuban Missile Crisis
Custer's Centennial Campaign
D Day
Daniel Webster's Funeral
Death of US President William Harrison
Denmark Vesey Slave Revolt
Dynamiting of the Los Angles Times building
Ellen and William Craft Run for Freedom
Fall of Richmond 1865
Ferdinand Magellan's Voyage of Circumnavigation
First Battle of Bull Run
First Continental Congress
First Open Heart Surgery
First Thanksgivings
First Voyage of James Cook
Flight of Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Cabinet
Franklin's Mission to Canada
Funeral for Dolley Madison
Funeral of Abraham Lincoln
Funeral of Edgar Allan Poe
Funeral of Eliza Pinckney
Funeral of General Richard Montgomery
Funerals of Martin Luther King Jr
George Washington 1795 Sitting
George Washington's Southern Tour
Great Boston Fire of 1872
Great Chicago Fire
Great Fire of London
Great Galveston Hurricane
Great Locomotive Chase
Great New York City Fire of 1776
Great Portland Fire of 1866
Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907
Hank Aaron Breaks Babe Ruth's Home Run Record
Hemingway and Gellhorn's WWII Spy Mission
Homestead Strike
Imperial Japan Surrenders
Influenza Pandemic of 1918
Invention of Dynamite
Invention of the Cotton Gin
Iris Barry's London Loves
Iroquois Theatre Fire
Jack Jouett's Midnight Ride
Jack the Ripper - The Whitechapel Murders
King George and Queen Elizabeth Visit the New York World's Fair
King George and Queen Elizabeth Whitehouse Banquet
King George and Queen Elizabeth's New York World's Fair Lunch
King George VI and Queen Elizabeth State Visit of Canada
Lafayette's Triumphal Tour of America
Leading to the Siege of Yorktown
League of Nations
Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition
Lindbergh's Transatlantic Flight: New York to Paris
Louisiana Purchase Exposition
Love Affair of Vera de Bosset and Igor Stravinsky
Ludlow Massacre
Making of McDonald's Restaurants
March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom
Marriage of Ann Few and Curtis Grubb
Murder of Stanford White
New Musical ExpressPoll 1962-1963 Winners' Concert
New Musical ExpressPoll 1964 Winners' Concert
New Musical ExpressPoll 1965 Winners' Concert
New Musical ExpressPoll 1966 Winners' Concert
Noble Train of Artillery
Nullification Crisis
Opening of Tourism in Hawaii
Panama-California Exposition
Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco
Patrick Henry Receives His Law License
Patriot Raid on Fort William and Mary
Paulet Affair
Pizza Arrives in America
President Woodrow Wilson's Funeral
President-Elect Lincoln's Journey to Washington
Publishing of the Federalist Papers
Richmond Theatre Fire
Robbing of A T Stewart's Grave
Second Battle of Bull Run
Second Continental Congress
Second Voyage of James Cook
September 11th Attacks
Sherman's March to the Sea
Siege of Petersburg
Siege of Yorktown
Siege of Yorktown (1862)
Sinking of the RMS Lusitania
Sinking of the RMS Titanic
Smithsonian-Roosevelt African Expedition
South Carolina Inter-State and West Indian Exposition
Spanish-American War
Stevensons' Voyage aboard the EQUATOR
Stevensons' Voyage on the CASCO
Stevensons' Voyage on the JANET NICOLL
Teapot Dome Scandal
The Closing of Staatliches Bauhaus
The Commonwealth of Kentucky vs Abraham Lincoln
The Midnight Ride
Third Voyage of James Cook
Trail of Tears
Transits of Venus
Treaty of Gent
Treaty of New Echota
Treaty of Portsmouth
Treaty of Trianon
Treaty of Versailles
Trial of Anne Hutchinson
United States Military Academy Class of 1829
Voyage of Discovery on the Chesapeake
Voyage of the 'Snark'
Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route
Wellington Avalanche
Whiskey Rebellion
Winston Churchill's Funeral
Winston Churchill's Washington Conference
Winston Churchill, Member of Parliment
World Cotton Centennial
World War II Ends
World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago

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