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Aaron Burr's Birthday
Abraham Baldwin's Birthday
Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
Ad Reinhardt's Birthday
Agatha Christie's Birthday
Alden B Dow's Birthday
Alexander Gallatin McNutt's Birthday
Alfred G Vanderbilt's Birthday
Amelia Earhart's Birthday
Amelita Galli-Curci's Birthday
Andrew Adams's Birthday
Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Birthday
Ansel Adams's Birthday
Arthur Middleton's Birthday
Audrey Hepburn's Birthday
Babe Ruth's Birthday
Barack Obama's Birthday
Benedict Arnold's Birthday
Benjamin Franklin's Birthday
Benjamin Harrison V Birthday
Benjamin West's Birthday
Bill Monroe's Birthday
Billy Wilder's Birthday
Bing Crosby's Birthday
Buddy Holly's Birthday
Burns Night
Cab Calloway's Birthday
Carl Sandburg's Birthday
Charles A Platt's Birthday
Charles A Weyerhaeuser's Birthday
Charles C Pinckney's Birthday
Charles Francis Adams's Birthday
Charles Lindbergh's Birthday
Charles Looff's Birthday
Charles Pinckney's Birthday
Christopher Gadsden's Birthday
Christopher Kostow's Birthday
Christopher Wren's Birthday
Chuck Berry's Birthday
Cleveland Abbe's Birthday
Conrad Poppenhusen's Birthday
Daniel Guggenheim's Birthday
Daphne Du Maurier's Birthday
David Adler's Birthday
David Rittenhouse's Birthday
Davy Crockett's Birthday
Diego Rivera's Birthday
Dolley Madison's Birthday
Douglas Adams' Birthday
Dr William Thornton's Birthday
Dylan Thomas' Birthday
E C Segar's Birthday
E E Cummings Birthday
E L Doctorow's Birthday
Edgar Allen Poe's Birthday
Edith Wharton's Birthday
Edward Hopper's Birthday
Edward Rutledge's Birthday
Eliza Lucas Pinckney's Birthday
Elizabeth Ann Seton's Birthday
Ellen Biddle Shipman's Birthday
Elvis Presley's Birthday
Erik Larson's Birthday
Ernest Hemingway's Birthday
Ethan Allen's Birthday
F Scott Fitzgerald's Birthday
Francis Davis Millet's Birthday
Frank Abagnale's Birthday
Frank Lloyd Wright's Birthday
Frederic Remington's Birthday
Frederick Law Olmsted Jr's Birthday
Frederick Law Olmsted's Birthday
Frederick Von Steuben's Birthday
Frederick Weyerhaeuser's Birthday
Frida Kahlo's Birthday
George Armstrong Custer's Birthday
George B McClellan's Birthday
George Ferris's Birthday
George Perkins Marsh's Birthday
George Washington's Birthday
Gilbert Stanley Underwood's Birthday
Gilbert Stuart's Birthday
Grace Kelly's Birthday
Grant Achatz's Birthday
Grant Wood's Birthday
Hamlin Garland's Birthday
Hampton Sides's Birthday
Hank Aaron's Birthday
Hans Christian Andersen's Birthday
Harold Lloyd's Birthday
Harrie T Lindeberg's Birthday
Harriet Beecher Stowe's Birthday
Harry F Guggenheim's Birthday
Harry S Truman's Birthday
Helen Keller's Birthday
Henry Flagler's Birthday
Henry James's Birthday
Henry Middleton's Birthday
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Birthday
I M Pei's Birthday
J P Morgan's Birthday
Jack Johnson's Birthday
Jackson Pollock's Birthday
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis's Birthday
James Alfred Roosevelt's Birthday
James Bailey's Birthday
James Ewell Brown Stuart's Birthday
James Madison's Birthday
James Renwick's Birthday
Jane Addams' Birthday
John Adams's Birthday
John Alsop's Birthday
John C Fremont's Birthday
John F Kennedy's Birthday
John Ford's Birthday
John Hancock's Birthday
John Jacob Astor's Birthday
John Jay's Birthday
John McComb's Birthday
John Quincy Adams' Birthday
John Scull's Birthday
John Steinbeck's Birthday
John Updike's Birthday
Josephine Baker's Birthday
Julia Child's Birthday
Julia Morgan's Birthday
Kate Chopin's Birthday
Kate Sessions's Birthday
Kit Carson's Birthday
Laura Ingalls Wilder's Birthday
Laurence Rockefeller's Birthday
Lee Krasner's Birthday
Leonardo da Vinci's Birthday
Lew Wallace's Birthday
Lilian Rice's Birthday
Lloyd Bacon's Birthday
Louis Armstrong's Birthday
Louisa May Alcott's Birthday
Ludwig van Beethoven's Birthday
Mark Twain's Birthday
Marquis de Lafayette's Birthday
Marriage of Byra L "Puck" Whittlesey and Jack Hemingway
Martha Brookes Hutcheson's Birthday
Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday
Mary Pickford's Birthday
Maud Hart Lovelace's Birthday
Nathaniel Hawthorne's Birthday
Nathaniel Lyon's Birthday
Oscar Wilde's Birthday
Owen Wister's Birthday
Parker Cleaveland's Birthday
Patrick Henry's Birthday
Patsy Cline's Birthday
Paul Revere's Birthday
Peter Francisco's Birthday
Peter Stuyvestant's Birthday
Pierre C Cartier's Birthday
Pierre Toussaint's Birthday
Ralph J Bunche's Birthday
Ray Kroc's Birthday
Richard Allen's Birthday
Richard M Nixon's Birthday
Robert E Lee's Birthday
Robert F Kennedy's Birthday
Robert Field Stockton's Birthday
Robert Oppenheimer's Birthday
Robert S Abbott's Birthday
Robert Todd Lincoln's Birthday
Robert Trent Jones's Birthday
Ronald Reagan's Birthday
Samuel Adams's Birthday
Samuel McIntire's Birthday
Sarah Orne Jewett's Birthday
Solomon R Guggenheim's Birthday
Solon H Borglum's Birthday
Stanford White's Birthday
Stendhal's Birthday
Stephen King's Birthday
Steven Spielberg's Birthday
T R R Cobb's Birthday
Thomas Adams's Birthday
Thomas Eakins's Birthday
Thomas Edison's Birthday
Thomas Hardy's Birthday
Thomas Hart Benton's Birthday
Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
Thomas Keller's Birthday
Thomas Lynch Jr's Birthday
Thomas Lynch Sr's Birthday
Thomas Paine's Birthday
Thomas Pinckney's Birthday
Thomas Wolfe's Birthday
Thurgood Marshall's Birthday
Truman Capote's Birthday
Vincent van Gogh's Birthday
Walt Disney's Birthday
Walter I Anderson's Birthday
William Gaston's Birthday
William Henry Harrison's Birthday
William K Vanderbilt II's Birthday
William Randolph Hearst's Birthday
William Sidney Mount's Birthday
William Steinway's Birthday
William T Sherman's Birthday
William West Durant's Birthday
Winston Churchill's Birthday
Woodrow Wilson's Birthday
Zane Grey's Birthday

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