German Children's Litterae

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Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Grimm: Wilhelm Grimm
Grimm: Jacob Grimm




A Mole Always Turns Up On Its Own Hanna Johansen
Big Tiger and Christian: Their Adventures in Mongolia Fritz Muhlenweg
Detectives in Togas Henry Winterfeld
Dodo Gets Married Petra Mathers
Ede and Unku Alex Wedding
Emil and the Detectives Erich Kastner
Fifty Fables for Children Wilhelm Hey
Friedrich Hans-Peter Richter
Granny Peter Hartling
Grimms' Fairy Tales Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm
Halinka Mirjam Pressler
Inkheart Cornelia Funke
Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver Michael Ende
Jule's Rat Klaus Ensikat
Little I Am I Mira Lobe
Max and Moritz Wilhelm Busch
My Great-Grandfather and I James Kruss
Neitah: A Girl in the Far North Edith Klatt
Nesthakchen and Her Dolls Else Ury
Not Chicago. Not Here. Kirsten Boie
Pirate's Heart Benno Pludra
Red Zora and Her Gang Kurt Held
Robinson the Younger Johann Heinrich Campe
Sleep Well, Little Bear Quint Buchholz
Sunday's Child Gudrun Mebs
The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen Rudolf Erich Raspe
The Adventures of Maya the Bee Waldemar Bonsels
The Cat: or, How I Lost Eternity Jutta Richter
The Cave Children Alois Theodor Sonnleitner
The Children From No 67 Lisa Tetzner
The Cloud Gudrun Pausewang
The Cucumber King Christine Nostlinger
The Day I Learned to Tame Spiders Jutta Richter
The Dog with the Yellow Heart Jutta Richter
The Jolly Aunt Lothar Meggendorfer
The Neverending Story (book) Michael Ende
The Nutcracker and Other Tales E T A Hoffmann
The Red U: A Story for Lads Wilhelm Matthiessen
The Robber Hotzenplotz Otfried Preussler
The Silver Jaguar Hermann Schulz
The Sons of Great Bear Liselotte Welskopf-Henrich
The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business Werner Holzwarth
The Story of the Root Children Sibylle von Olfers
The Treasure in Silver Lake Karl May
Two Little Bears Hanna Muschg
What Does the Mouse Think On Thursday? Josef Guggenmos
When the World Was Still Young Jurg Schubiger

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