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Name AsNotedIn
Marriage of Abigail Smith and John Adams
Marriage of Alice Hathaway Lee and Theodore Roosevelt
Marriage of Alicia Patterson and Harry Frank Guggenheim
Marriage of Alva Smith and William K Vanderbilt
Marriage of Amelia Dyer and Joseph Trumbull
Marriage of Ann Fitzsimmons and Wade Hampton
Marriage of Ann Plater and Philip Barton Key
Marriage of Anna Maria Mason and Sydney Smith Lee
Marriage of Anne Hampton and Solomon Northup
Marriage of Anne Ophelia Smith and Hancock Banning
Marriage of Annie Ellicott Kennedy and John Bidwell
Marriage of Barbara Hutton and Cary Grant
Marriage of Bessie Springs Smith and Stanford White
Marriage of Caroline Hampton and John S Preston
Marriage of Clementine Hozier and Winston Churchill
Marriage of Constance Lloyd and Oscar Wilde
Marriage of Consuelo Vanderbilt and Charles Spencer-Churchill
Marriage of Dorothy Quincy and John Hancock
Marriage of Edith Longfellow and Richard Henry Dana III
Marriage of Eleanor Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt
Marriage of Eliza Lucas and Charles Pinckney
Marriage of Elizabeth Carter and William Churchill
Marriage of Elizabeth Halleck and George W Cullum
Marriage of Elizabeth Hamilton and Henry Halleck
Marriage of Elizabeth Pinckney and William Lowndes
Marriage of Elizabeth Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton
Marriage of Esther Barnwell and Charles C Pinckney
Marriage of Esther Edwards and Aaron Burr
Marriage of Fanny Appleton and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Marriage of Frances Crowninshield and John Quincy Adams
Marriage of Frances Folsom and Grover Cleveland
Marriage of Francis Lightfoot Lee and Rebecca Tayloe
Marriage of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera
Marriage of Hannah Strong and Charles Smith
Marriage of Helen Dinsmore Huntington and Vincent Astor
Marriage of Henrietta Edwards and Eli Whitney
Marriage of Henrietta Middleton Rutledge and Frederick Rutledge
Marriage of Jacqueline Bouvier and John F Kennedy
Marriage of Jane Loring and Asa Gray
Marriage of Jane Randolph and Archibald Bolling
Marriage of Jeanne-Emilie Baheux de Puysieux and Frederic Auguste Bartholdi
Marriage of Julia Gardiner Tyler and William H Spencer
Marriage of Julia Stockton and Benjamin Rush
Marriage of Kate Dickens and Charles Allston Collins
Marriage of Katharine Littlefield and Nathanael Greene
Marriage of Katherine Alice Loring and Charles G Loring
Marriage of Katrina Trask and George Foster Peabody
Marriage of Lucretia Cromwell and Edward Stotesbury
Marriage of Martha Hilton and Benning Wentworth
Marriage of Mary Ann Bent and Samuel Adams
Marriage of Mary T Pickman and George B Loring
Marriage of Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln
Marriage of Mary Turner and Daniel Sargent
Marriage of Pauline Pfeiffer and Ernest Hemingway
Marriage of Sarah Middleton and Charles Pinckney
Marriage of Sarah Nicoll Clinch and John Lawrence Smith
Marriage of Sarah Shelton and Patrick Henry
Marriage of Susan Patton and George Hugh Smith
Marriage of Susan Thornton Glassell and George Smith Patton
Marriage of Virginia Graham Fair and William K Vanderbilt
Marriage of Zelda Sayre and F Scott Fitzgerald
Marriage of Zina B Ashford and W S Van Dyke
The Marriages of Benjamin Carter Harrison VI

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