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Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Adams: Nick Adams
Andrenyi: Countess Andrenyi
Andryeni: Count Andryeni
Arbuthnot: Colonel Arbuthnot
Archer: Dallas Archer
Archer: Miss Janey Archer
Archer: Newland Archer
Archer: Mrs Archer
Armstrong: Dr Edward George Armstrong
Austrey: Duke of St Austrey
Barnes: Tommy Barnes
Barsad: John Barsad
Battle: Superintendent Battle
Beaufort: Regina Beaufort
Beaufort: Julius Beaufort
Beaufort: Fanny Beaufort
Beddingfeld: Anne Beddingfeld
Bell: Levi Bell
Bell: Joe Bell
Berman: O J Berman
Bill: Bill
Boggs: Boggs
Bond: James Bond
Bouc: Monsieur Bouc
Brent: Eileen "Bundle" Brent
Brent: Emily Caroline Brent
Britten: Britten
Buckley: Buckley
Cade: Anthony Cade
Calgary: Arthur Calgary
Carfry: Mrs Carfry
Carton: Sydney Carton
Carver: Dr Carver
Challenger: Professor George E Challenger
Clerval: Henry Clerval
Cly: Roger Cly
Colgate: Inspector Colgate
Collins: Tim Collins
Craddock: Chief Inspector Craddock
Creature: The Creature
Cruncher: Mrs Cruncher
Cruncher: Jerry Cruncher
Cruncher: Jerry Cruncher Jr
Curry: Inspector Curry
Dalton: Mary Dalton
Dalton: Henry Dalton
Dalton: Mrs Dalton
Darnay: Charles Darnay
Darney: Evremonde, The Elder's wife
Darney: Evremonde, The Elder
Dauphin: Dauphin of France
Davy: Chief Inspector Fred "Father" Davy
De Lacey: Safie
De Lacey: Monsieur De Lacey
De Lacey: Felix De Lacey
De Lacey: Agatha De Lacey
Debenham: Miss Mary Debenham
Defarge: Monsieur Ernest Defarge
Defarge: Madame Therese Defarge
Dementiev: Nikolai Dementiev
Derwent: Frankie Derwent
Dobbins: Mr Dobbins
Douglas: Widow Douglas
Dragomiroff: Princess Natalia Dragomiroff
Duke of Bridgewater: Duke of Bridgewater
Dupin: C Auguste Dupin
Easterbrook: Mark Easterbrook
Elliott: Einar Elliott
Erlone: Jan Erlone
Finn: Huckleberry Finn
Finn: Pap Finn
Fitzwilliam: Luke Fitzwilliam
Fomich: Nikodim Fomich
Foscarelli: Antonio Foscarelli
Frankenstein: Caroline Frankenstein
Frankenstein: Alphonse Frankenstein
Frankenstein: Victor Frankenstein
Frankenstein: William Frankenstein
Fred: Fred
Gabelle: Theophile Gabelle
Gant: Eugene Gant
Gaspard: Gaspard
Giraud: Monsieur Giraud
Goby: Mr Goby
Golightly: Holly Golightly
Golightly: Doc Golightly
Goodman: Adam Goodman
Grange: Inspector Grange
Grangerford: Buck Grangerford
Grangerford: Miss Charlotte Grangerford
Grangerford: Tom Grangerford
Grangerford: Colonel Saul Grangerford
Grangerford: Bob Grangerford
Grangerford: Miss Sophia Grangerford
Gus: Gus
Hardcastle: Det Inspector Hardcastle
Harding: Jack Harding
Hardman: Cyrus Hardman
Harkness: Buck Harkness
Harle: Miss Harle
Harper: Mrs Harper
Harper: Joe Harper
Hastings: Arthur Hastings
Hayward: Charles Hayward
Holmes: Sherlock Holmes
Hori: Hori
Hubbard: Mrs Hubbard
Huish: Superintendent Huish
Injun Joe: Injun Joe
Ivanovna: Lizaveta Ivanovna
Ivanovna: Alyona Ivanovna
Jack: Esther Jack
Jackson: Sillerton Jackson
Jacques: Jacques One, Two and Three
Japp: Inspector Japp
Jessop: Mr Jessop
Jim: Jim
Jones: Mr Jones
Jones: Victoria Jones
Jones: Bobby Jones (Christie character)
Keene: Sergeant Keene
Kelsey: Inspector Kelsey
Kemp: Chief Inspector Kemp
Lamb: Colin Lamb
Lavenza: Elizabeth Lavenza
Lawrence: Amy Lawrence
Leach: Inspector James Leach
Lebezyatnikov: Andrei Semyonovich Lebezyatnikov
Leblanc: Captain Leblanc
Lefferts: Lawrence Lefferts
Lefferts: Gertrude Lefferts
Lejeune: Inspector Lejeune
Lemon: Miss Felicity Lemon
Letterblair: Mr Letterblair
Loftus: Judith Loftus
Lorry: Jarvis Lorry
Luyden: Mr Henry van der Luyden
Luyden: Mrs Henry van der Luyden
Luzhin: Pyotr Petrovich Luzhin
MacQueen: Hector Willard MacQueen
Maitland: Captain Maitland
Manette: Lucie Manette
Manette: Dr Alexandre Manette
Manson: Medora Manson
Marionettes Inc: Marionettes Inc
Marmeladov: Sofya Semyonovna Marmeladova
Marmeladov: Katerina Ivanovna Marmeladova
Marmeladov: Semyon Zakharovich Marmeladov
Marmeladov: Polina Mikhailovna Marmeladova
Marple: Miss Jane Marple
Masterman: Edward Henry Masterman
Max: Mr Boris Max
Mears: Bessie Mears
Mender of Roads: The Mender of Roads
Michel: Pierre Michel
Mingott: Mrs Manson Mingott
Monseigneur: Monseigneur
Moritz: Justine Moritz
Morton: Inspector Morton
Narracott: Inspector Narracott
Nastasia: Nastasia
Neele: Chief Inspector Neele
Nye: Stafford Nye
Ohlsson: Miss Greta Ohlsson
Olenska: Ellen Olenska
Oliver: Ariadne Oliver
Packard: Jake Packard
Peggy: Peggy
Petrovich: Porfiry Petrovich
Petrovich: Ilya Petrovich
Petrovna: Nastasya Petrovna
Phelps: Silas Phelps
Phelps: Sally Phelps
Poirot: Hercule Poirot
Polly: Aunt Polly
Polly: Mary Polly
Potter: Muff Potter
Pross: Miss Pross
Pyne: Parker Pyne
Race: Colonel Race
Raglan: Inspector Raglan
Raskolnikov: Avdotya Romanovna Raskolnikov
Raskolnikov: Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov
Raskolnikov: Pulcheria Alexandrovna Raskolnikov
Ratchett: Mr Ratchett
Razumikhin: Dmitri Prokofych Razumikhin
Reilly: Dr Reilly
Ring: Miss Fanny Ring
Ripley: Thomas Ripley
Riviere: Monsieur Riviere
Robinson: Dr Robinson
Rogers: Ben Rogers
Sandokan: Sandokan
Satterthwaite: Mr Satterthwaite
Sawyer: Sid Sawyer
Sawyer: Tom Sawyer
Schmidt: Fraulein Hildegarde Schmidt
Seamstress: The Seamstress
Sharkey: Captain John Sharkey
Sharpe: Inspector Sharpe
Shepherdson: Harney Shepherdson
Sherburn: Colonel Sherburn
Silence: John Silence
Sinbad the Sailor: Sinbad the Sailor
Slack: Inspector Slack
Spanella: Madame Sapphia Spanella
Spicer: Bob Spicer
Sprague: Mr Sprague
St Evremonde: Marquis St Evremonde
Stretter: Anne-Marie Stretter
Struthers: Mrs Lemuel Struthers
Stryver: Mr C J Stryver
Svidrigailov: Arkady Ivanovich Svidrigailov
Taverner: Chief Inspector Taverner
Temple: Alfred Temple
Thatcher: Judge Thatcher
Thatcher: Becky Thatcher
The Vengeance: The Vengeance
Thomas: Buddy Thomas
Thomas: Mrs Thomas
Thomas: Vera Thomas
Thomas: Bigger Thomas
Tommy and Tuppence: Tommy and Tuppence
Trawler: Rusty Trawler
Trefusis: Emily Trefusis
Turner: Jim Turner
Walters: Mr Walters
Walton: Robert Walton
Watson: Miss Watson
Webber: George Webber
Welland: May Welland
Welland: Mrs Welland
Weston: Colonel Weston
Wildwood: Mag Wildwood
Wilks: Mary Jane Wilks
Wilks: William Wilks
Wilks: Joanna Wilks
Wilks: Susan Wilks
Wilks: Harvey Wilks
Winsett: Ned Winsett
Ybarra-Jaegar: Jose Ybarra-Jaegar
Yunioshi: Mr I Y Yunioshi
Zamyotov: Alexander Grigorievich Zamyotov
Zarnitsyna: Praskovya Pavlovna Zarnitsyna
Zossimov: Zossimov

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