Sinking of the RMS Titanic

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1911/05/31 Completed 2 April 1912, the RMS Titanic is launched from Queen's Island in Belfast Harbour in the presence of Lord Pirrie, J Pierpoint Morgan, J Bruce Ismay and 100,000 onlookers. Belfast, Northern Ireland
1911/12/18 Mr and Mrs Hershey book a first class suite on the RMS Titanic, but cancel their reservations due to a business conflict
1912/04/00 Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt decides not to sail on the RMS Titanic
1912/04/10 At Cherbourg, Edward Kent boards the Titanic and settles into first class cabin B-37. Mr Kent will spend time with Archibald Gracie, Helen Churchill Candee, Edward Pomeroy Colley, Hugh Woolner, James Clinch Smith and Mauritz Hakan Bjornstrom-Steffansson.
1912/04/10 Washington Roebling boards RMS Titanic with ticket No PC 17590 (50Pound 9s 11d) for cabin A-24.
1912/04/10 Francis Millet boards the RMS Titanic in Cherbourg, France with ticket No 13509. Cherbourg, Normandy
1912/04/14 After the SS CALIFORNIAN halts for the night, operator Cyril Evans warns the TITANIC of a large field of drift ice.
1912/04/14 About 10 minutes before the Titanic hits the iceberg, the closest ship to Titanic, the SS Californian, turns off her Marconi Wireless receiver.
1912/04/14 RMS Titanic strikes an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City.
1912/04/15 Grasping the severity of the collision, Edward Kent helps Helen Candee to the main deck. She insist that he take her ivory miniature of her mother and a silver flask for safe keeping. Kent helps her into Lifeboat 6.
1912/04/15 Titanic's Marconi Wireless operator, Jack Phillips, sends one of stricken liners last intelligible radio messages. Jack Phillips perished but Titanic's other radio operator, Harold Bride, survived.
1912/04/15 On the Boat Deck, John J Astor helps his wife Madeline into lifeboat No 4 and ask Charles Lightoller whether he might go. Astor lights a cigarette and leans over the rail: "Good bye, dearie. I'll join you later."
1912/04/15 Guggenheim and his valet, Victor Giglio, are last seen seated in deck chairs in the foyer of the Grand Staircase sipping brandy and smoking cigars, ready to accept their fate. Both men went down with the ship. Their bodies were never identified.
1912/04/15 Charles Lightoller commands the lowering lifeboats on the port side of the boat deck, allowing "women and children only" instead of "women and children first", lifeboats depart the ailing liner with empty seats.
1912/04/15 James Clinch Smith "a noble gentleman and a man of dauntless courage" dies on the TITANIC. In "The Truth About the Titanic", Gracie tells how Clinch helped save the lives of the women and children and "showed no sign of fear".
1912/04/15 Second Officer Lightoller refuses John J Astor's request to board the lifeboat with his wife Madeline. "No, sir. No man is allowed on this boat or any of the boats until the ladies are off." - Charles Lightoller
1912/04/15 As the ship RMS Titanic sinks, Edward Kent helps women and children into lifeboats. Kent is last seen at around 2:20 being swept into the frigid ocean.
1912/04/15 RMS TITANIC's stern rises high into the air, the lights go out and the great liner descends into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic.
1912/04/15 Jacques Heath Futrelle is lost at sea during the sinking of the RMS Titanic.
1912/04/15 Molly Brown and Lifeboat No 6 are rescued by RMS Carpathia
1912/04/15 American Marconi manager David Sarnoff and operator J H Hughes at the company's station on top of the John Wanamaker department store receive wireless messages from Siasconsett, Sagaponack, Cape Cod, Hatteras and Sable Island forwarding Titanic's sinking. Wanamaker's Department Store, New York City
1912/04/15 Hearst Newspapers sets up a temporary branch office at the American Marconi wireless station on top of the John Wanamaker department store to report on the Titanic disaster. Wanamaker's Department Store, New York City
1912/04/15 Charles Lightoller is the last Titanic survivor to board the RMS Carpathia.
1912/04/15 Thousands of people gather outside the White Star office at 9 Broadway to learn the fate of Titanic's passengers. Bowling Green Fence and Park, New York City
1912/04/15 White Star Line sends a typed letter to Berry Bros and Co to report the loss of 69 cases of the firm's wines and spirits onboard the Titanic. No mention is made of the lives that were lost. Berry Bros and Rudd Shop, London
1912/04/16 Too afraid to leave the building, officials read the names of the deceased from the balcony of the White Star Line building to crowds below. Albion House, Liverpool, Liverpool
1912/04/18 RMS Carpathia arrives in New York with survivors from the Titanic Pier 54, NYC, New York City
1912/04/18 Mission of Our Lady of the Rosary provides sanctuary to steerage passengers of the Titanic James Watson House, New York City
1912/04/19 Rev W Montague Geer leads a memorial for the victims of the Titanic: for those, who, whether prepared to meet their God or not, were suddenly called upon, in the darkness at dead of night to cry, many of them in the anguish of their souls. St Paul's Chapel, New York City
1912/04/22 John Jacob Astor's body is recovered from the sea by the crew of the cable-ship MACKAY-BENNETT chartered by the White Star Line.
1912/04/30 The morgue ship MACKAY-BENNETT arrives in Halifax with 190 bodies. After seven days of searching, the Mackay-Bennett had recovered 306 victims, 116 were buried at sea - only 56 had been identified. Halifax, CA, Nova Scotia
1912/05/00 Annie Caton reaches the White Star Line offices to be paid for her work on the Titanic. Her hours are calculated, pay ended and employment terminated at the moment the ship went down. Canto served on other White Star liners until her retirement at 60. Albion House, Liverpool, Liverpool
1912/05/02 Funeral services for Francis Millet are held in the chapel at Mount Auburn Cemetery Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Cambridge, MA
1912/05/13 Crewmembers from RMS Oceanic recover Titanic's 'Collapsible A' lifeboat with the decomposing bodies of three Titanic passengers.
1913/00/00 "The Truth About the Titanic" by Colonel Archibald Gracie is published by Mitchell Kennerley, New York.
1915/04/30 Captain William Turner gives evidence before Judge Julius Mayerat in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York during a hearing for limiting the liabilities from the sinking of the Titanic.
1931/05/26 Titanic Memorial in Washington, DC is unveiled. Titanic Memorial, Washington, DC

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