King Philip's War



Y/M/D Description Place
1675/00/00 Colonel Tyng builds a fortified house in response to skirmishes in Chelmsford and Groton. Located at 80 Tyng Road, the house burned down 11 August 1979. Tyngsboro, Massachusetts
1675/01/15 By mid-January, John Sassamon, a member of the Massachusett tribe, warns Josiah Winslow, the Governor of Plymouth Colony, that King Philip (Metacomet) is on the verge of war.
1675/06/00 Finding European military tactics not effective on the frontier, Cap Benjamin Church creates a force of 18 European settlers and 22 friendly Indians who will become the first colonial force successful in raiding hostile Indian camps in forests and swamps.
1675/06/20 Pokanokets attack isolated homesteads in Swansea, Plymouth. Swansea, Massachusetts
1675/07/00 In King Philip's War, Joseph Penniman serves as a trooper belonging to Captin Davis.
1675/07/08 Benjamin Church and his new Sakonnet recruits arrive in Plymouth where they recruit several new English volunteers, including Jabez Howland's brother Isaac, Caleb Cook, Jonathan Delano and Jonathan Barnes. Plymouth Village Historic District, Plymouth, MA
1675/11/00 After the disastrous Autumn campaign in western Massachusetts, hostile Indians retreat toward the south and winter quarters amongst the Narragansetts, erecting a fort on an elevated position of 4 or 5 acres surrounded by swampy land. Great Swamp Management Area, Mount Hope, South Kingstown, RI
1675/11/12 "Capt Joseph Gardiner, for the foote (and others) appointed to be captaines to be imployed in ye service" in various acts concerning the raising of troops for service in the Narragansett country.
1675/12/09 Massachusetts Militia consisting of six companies of foot under Captains Samuel Mosle, Gardiner, Davenport, Oliver and Johnson, and a troop of horse under Capt Prentice muster on Dedham Plains under command of Major Appleton. Dedham, MA, Massachusetts
1675/12/15 Narraganset warriors attack the Jireh Bull Blockhouse, killing at least 15 people. James Eldred, age 15, dodges a tomahawk thrown from close range and survives hand-to-hand combat with a Narraganset brave before escaping. Bull, Jireh, Blockhouse Historic Site, South Kingstown, RI
1675/12/19 Major Church steps to Capt Gardner amidst the wigwams in the east end of the Fort and seeing the blood run down his cheek, lifts up Gardner's cap and calls him by name. Gardner looks up but speaks not a word, being mortally wounded, shot through the head. Great Swamp Management Area, Mount Hope, South Kingstown, RI
1675/12/19 New England's Colonial militia battle the Narragansett tribe near the villages of Kingston and West Kingston in present-day South Kingstown, Rhode Island. Monument located in the Great Swamp State Management Area, West Kingston, Rhode Island. Great Swamp Management Area, Mount Hope, South Kingstown, RI
1675/12/19 On a bitterly cold and stormy day, Samuel Lincoln serves as a militia cavalryman in the Great Narraganset Fight. Great Swamp Management Area, Mount Hope, South Kingstown, RI
1676/00/00 Lieut Samuel Howe serves in Captain Davenport's Company and is wounded in King Phillip's War, 1675-1677.
1676/00/00 Located on Meeting House Rocks, a rocky ledge west of the current First Congregational Church of Norwich, the second meeting house (lost) is used as a lookout against Indian raids during King Philip's War. Norwichtown Historic District, Norwich, CT
1676/00/00 Narragansett braves destroy Smith's Castle, burning it during King Phillip's War. Smith's Castle, North Kingstown, RI
1676/03/00 In the Coffin house (lost) on Newbury's lower green, Daniel Somerby, the 25 year old stepson of Tristram Coffin, dies of wounds inflicted during the Great Swamp Fight in Rhode Island. After his death, the town will vote to fortify their community. Lower Green, Newbury, Newbury
1676/03/00 The Narragansetts join the Wampanoags and attack Warwick. The colonist flee to Portsmouth while the braves burn all the houses except Thomas Greene's Stone Castle (lost). As the Militia arrives, the Indians retreat north, driving off the live stock. Warwick, RI, Rhode Island
1676/04/19 Narragansett Sachem Canonchet is captured and executed.
1676/08/12 King Philip is fatally shot by a praying Indian named John Alderman, in the Misery Swamp near Mount Hope in Bristol, Rhode Island. Mount Hope, Bristol RI, Bristol, RI
1678/04/00 The Province of New York signs the Treaty of Casco, ending King Philip's War. The agreement recognizes English property rights, Abenaki sovereignty over Maine and the rebuilding of Fort Charles at Pemaquid. Fort William Henry, Bristol, ME

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Cultural Affiliation: Narragansett

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