Taos Revolt



Y/M/D Description Place
1846/09/00 Charles Bent is appointed Governor of New Mexico Territory by Stephen W Kearny.
1846/09/00 Construction begins on Fort Marcy, built to shelter US Troops in case of a revolt Fort Marcy Ruins, Santa Fe
1847/01/19 Charles Bent is scalped and killed by Pueblo Native Americans Gov Charles Bent House, Taos, NM
1847/01/21 Stirling Price learns of the murder of Governor Charles Bent.
1847/01/23 Stirling Price leads five companies of Missouri soldiers out of Fort Marcy and heads for Taos. Fort Marcy Ruins, Santa Fe
1847/01/23 Ceran St Vrain leads a company of New Mexican volunteer soldiers out of Fort Marcy and follows Sterling Price to Taos Fort Marcy Ruins, Santa Fe
1847/01/24 US Army Troops and New Mexican Volunteers Battle Taos Rebels in the village of Santa Cruz de la Canada Santa Cruz, New Mexico

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Area of Significance: Rebellion

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