Invention of the Submarine



Y/M/D Description Place
1776/09/06 Sergeant Ezra Lee, in David Bushnell's one-man submarine, Turtle, unsuccessfully tries to attach mines to Admiral Richard Howe's flagship, HMS Eagle, anchored near Governors Island Governors Island,
1800/00/00 Robert Fulton completes his submarine, NAUTILUS, for the French Navy.
1864/02/17 Commanded by Lt Dixon, about 4 miles off Breach Inlet in Sullivan's Island the H L HUNLEY places a 135 lb torpedo below the waterline of the USS Housatonic. The Housatonic burns for three minutes before sinking, killing five sailors. H L HUNLEY (submarine), North Charleston
1915/05/07 Cunard's superliner, RMS Lusitania, is torpedoed by German U-boat U-20 and sinks in 18 minute, taking 1195 lives. RMS Lusitania (shipwreck),

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