Surveying the Mason-Dixon Line



Y/M/D Description Place
1763/07/20 Astronomer Charles Mason and surveyor Jeremiah Dixon are hired and paid 3,512 pounds, or about $840,000 in 2017, adjusted for inflation. Delaware Boundary Markers, Delaware
1763/11/00 Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon survey the first degree of latitude in America, near where South St meets Front St in Philadelphia. Old City, Philly,
1765/04/00 Mason and Dixon begin their survey of the Maryland-Pennsylvania border.
1765/06/00 While surveying the area, Mason and Dixon used Newark as their base of operation, staying at St Patricks Inn, the precursor to the Deer Park Tavern.
1765/06/06 Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon stop about 4 miles northwest of Newark and drive a wooden post into the ground establishing the dividing point between Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Tri-State Mason Dixon Marker, McClellandville, DE
1784/00/00 David Rittenhouse, surveyor Andrew Ellicott and their crew complete the Mason-Dixon line survey at the southwest corner of Pennsylvania, 5 degrees of longitude from the Delaware River.
1849/11/15 In consequence of the accidental removal of the stone at the north east corner of Maryland, tri-state commissioners appoint Lt-Col James D Graham, of the US topographic engineers to confirm the work of Mason and Dixon. Maryland will gain two acres. Tri-State Mason Dixon Marker, McClellandville, DE

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