End of the American Civil War



Y/M/D Description Place
1863/12/08 President Lincoln offers amnesty to any person who will take an oath supporting the Constitution and the Union and pledge to abide by all Federal laws and proclamations in reference to slavery made during the period of the rebellion.
1865/04/03 US Grant uses the Thomas Wallace House as his headquarters in Petersburg. In the library, Grant has his final meeting with Abraham Lincoln where they discuss the inevitable end to the conflict and the surrender. Thomas Wallace House, Petersburg
1865/04/09 Robert E Lee, accompanied by five Major generals, surrenders the Army of Northern Virginia to Ulysses S Grant. Appomattox Court House National Historical Park, Appomattox
1865/04/14 John Booth shoots President Lincoln with a Derringer pistol Ford's Theatre National Historic Site, Washington, DC
1865/04/26 Confederate General Joseph E Johnston surrenders to Union Major General William Tecumseh Sherman Bennett Place State Historic Site, Durham
1865/05/10 Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his wife, Varina, are arrested by Union troops Jefferson Davis Capture Site, Irwinville
1865/05/11 Alexander H Stephens surrenders to General Emory Upton at Liberty Hall in Crawfordville, Georgia Liberty Hall, Crawfordville
1868/12/25 President Andrew Johnson grants unconditional amnesty to all Confederate loyalists on Christmas Day, 1868.
1924/00/00 Between 1879 and 1924, Pension Bureau doles out $5.7 trillion from this building to Civil War Veterans and their dependents. National Building Museum, Washington, DC
2014/05/10 Irene Triplett, last living child of a Civil War veteran, receives a $73.13 monthly pension from Veteran Affairs for her father's service. Mose Triplett, born in 1846, join the Confederate forces in 1862, deserted and then signed up with the Union.

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