Dynamiting of the Los Angles Times building



Y/M/D Description Place
1910/10/01 The Los Angeles Times newspaper building is bombed. The resulting explosion kills 20 people and injures 17.
1910/10/15 Several months after John McNamara and his brother are arrested for the bombing the Los Angeles Times Building, Mrs John Munsey signs a statement that a Mr Williams had been harbored in their house two weeks after the dynamiting of the LA Times Building.
1911/00/00 Samuel Gompers persuades Clarence Darrow to defend James B McNamara and John J McNamara, accused of dynamiting the Los Angles Times building.
1915/12/00 In the first week of December, Julian Hawthorne contributes a couple of articles to the Los Angles Herald about the trial of Matthew Schmidt, a Wobblie who spent 5 years on the lam after being implicated in the Los Angels Times bombing.

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Area of Significance: Journalism
True Crime: Murder
Event: Terrorist Act
Area of Significance: True Crime
Workers: Union Labor

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