Marriage of Clementine Hozier and Winston Churchill


Y/M/D Description Place
1904/00/00 Churchill meets Clementine Hozier at a ball in Crewe House, home of the Earl of Crewe. Crewe Hall, Crewe Green
1907/04/00 Violet Asquith, daughter of Rt Hon Sir Herbert Asquith (Prime Minister between April 1908 to December 1916) encounters Winston Churchill one April weekend at Lady Desborough's Taplow Court. Taplow House Hotel, Taplow
1908/04/00 Winston is seated next to Clementine at a dinner party hosted by Lady St Helier.
1908/04/08 Churchill is invited by Herbert Asquith to be President of the Board of Trade - the youngest man to join the British Cabinet in almost half a century.
1908/07/00 Winston agrees to come to Slains Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland on 17 August 1908 and to stay with the Asquith family for at least a week.
1908/08/10 Strolling together on the Blenheim Palace grounds, Winston and Clementine take refuge from a sudden rainstorm in the Temple of Diana where Winston proposes marriage to her. Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire
1908/08/11 After breakfast, Winston and Clementine take a walk through the rose garden before her departure from Blenheim Palace.
1908/08/12 Churchill Winston writes to Violet Asquith saying that he is engaged to Clementine Hozier and he'd have to postpone his trip to Scotland.
1908/08/24 Wanting to explain to Violet his decision to marry Clementine, Churchill boards a train at Kings Cross for the 14-hour journey to Cruden Bay. A furious Clementine will threaten to call off the wedding. Kings Cross Station, London
1908/08/24 At Slains Castle, Violet and Churchill have a very long talk. Winston tells her that he has made the right decision to marry Clementine, but that he and Violet should still remain close friends.
1908/09/12 Clementine Hozier and Winston Churchill are married by the Bishop of St Asaph at St Margaret's, Westminster. Church Of St Margaret, Westminster, London
1908/09/19 Violet Asquith walks out of Slains Castle with a book and heads down the path above the cliffs.
1908/09/19 After hosting a dinner, Prime Minister Asquith and his wife notice Violet is missing. Servants with lanterns, dinner guests and dozens of villagers search the rugged slopes and ledges.
1908/09/20 Violet Asquith is found by a local fisherman lying near the coastal path with no signs of injury.
1908/10/00 Winston and Clementine return from their honeymoon in Italy to Winston's bachelor pad at 12 Bolton St, London. Bolton was Winston's home form 1905-1909. Bolton Street, London
1908/11/00 Two months after Churchill-Hozier wedding, Winston, Clementine and Violet have lunch together in London.
1909/03/00 Mr and Mrs Winston Churchill move to 33 Eccleston Square. 27-41, Eccleston Square Sw1, Eccleston Square
1958/09/12 Churchill and Clementine mark their Golden wedding anniversary at the Villa Capponcina, Lord Beaverbrook's estate in France.

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