Marriage of Lavinia Warren and Charles Stratton

President took our hands and led us to the sofa, lifting the General up and placed him at his left hand, while Mrs. Lincoln did the same serve for me, placing me at her right...Tad, the favorite son, stood beside his mother and gazing at me...whispered to his mother, 'Mother if you were a little woman like Mrs Stratton you would look just like her?' the Bride, Livinia Warren

The reception took place in the East room; and when, following the loud announcement, Mr and Mrs Charles Stratton, the guests of honor entered from the corridor, and walked slowly up the long salon, to where Mr And Mrs Lincoln stood, to welcome them, the scene became interesting, though a little bizarre. The pigmy 'General,' at that time still rather good-looking, though slightly blase, wore his elegant wedding suit, and his wife, a plump but symmetrical little woman, with a bright, intelligent face, her wedding dress - the regulation white satin, with point lace, orange blossoms and pearls - while a train some two yards long swept out behind her. I well remember the 'pigeon-like stateliness' with which they advanced, almost to the feet of the President, and the profound respect with which they looked up, up, to his kindly face. It was pleasant to see their tall host bend, and bend, to take their little hands in his great palm, holding Madame's with especial chariness, as though it were a robin's egg, and he were fearful of breaking it. Yet he did not talk down to them, but made them feel from the first as though he regarded them as real 'folks,' sensible, and knowing a good deal of the world. He presented them, very courteously and soberly, to Mrs Lincoln, and in his compliments and congratulations there was not the slightest touch of the exaggeration which a lesser man might have been tempted to make use of, for the quiet amusement of on-lookers; in fact, nothing to reveal to that shrewd little pair his keen sense of the incongruity of the scene. He was, I think, most amused by the interest and curiosity of his 'little Tad,'' who seemed disposed to patronize the diminutive gentleman and lady, grown up and married, yet lacking his lordly inches. When refreshments were being served, he graciously superintended his mother's kindly arrangements, by which the distinguished little folk were able to take their cake, wine and ices comfortably, off a chair. - Journalist Grace Greenwood



Y/M/D Description Place
1863/02/10 Lavinia Warren marries Charles Stratton at Grace Church. Grace Episcopal Church, New York, New York City
1863/02/11 THE LOVING LILLIPUTIANS. WARREN-THUMBIANA. Marriage of General Tom Thumb and the Queen of Beauty. Who They Are, What They Have Done, Where They Came from, Where They Are Going. - New York Times
1863/02/13 President and Mary Todd Lincoln host a reception for General Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren in the East Room of the White House. White House East Room, The White House
1863/02/21 Lavinia Warren and Charles Stratton are featured on the cover of the of Harper's Weekly magazine.

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