Marriage of Elizabeth Ann Linley and Richard Brinsley Sheridan



Y/M/D Description Place
1770/00/00 Near the end of 1770, Elizabeth Linley is betrothed to an elderly and wealthy Wiltshire landowner, Walter Long. The engagement will be broken by 1771.
1771/06/26 Samuel Foote's comedy dramatizing Elizabeth Linley's story, "The Maid of Bath", opens a 24 night run at the Haymarket Theatre, London. The Haymarket Theatre (Theatre Royal), London
1772/03/18 Richard Sheridan picks up Elizabeth Linley at home so they can elope to France. In France, Ms Linley takes refuge in a convent. Linley House, Bath
1772/03/25 Richard Sheridan and Elizabeth Linley may have, but probably were not, married by a priest in a village near Calais at the end of March 1772.
1772/04/09 Thomas Mathews, a married man and Elizabeth Linley suitor, places an advertisement in the Bath Chronicle insulting Sheridan for "his scandalous Method of running away from this Place by insinuations.... as a L--- and S--------".
1772/04/29 Richard Sheridan and Elizabeth Linley return to England.
1772/05/04 Sheridan and Mathews plan to duel for Elizabeth's honour in Hyde Park, but Mr M objects to the observation of an officer. Mathews eventually lost a duel with swords by candle light at a room in the Castle Tavern (demo), Henrietta St, Covent Garden. Hyde Park, London
1772/07/01 At their second duel, Thomas Mathews seriously injures Richard Sheridan with 3 or 4 sword wounds to his breast and side, fought at Kingsdown 4 miles from Bath, England.
1773/04/13 Elizabeth Ann Linley marries Richard Brinsley Sheridan in Marylebone Church, London, England. Church Of St Mary, Marylebone, London

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